Press Conference

Natalie has attended a press conference in Shanghai for the International Film Festival. I’m not exactly sure what she’s there to talk about and who she is representing and maybe Natalie is thinking the same thing as this attendee thinks it was the most awkward interview he’s ever seen and that it felt like Natalie didn’t want to be there. No real surprise, Natalie is quite uncomfortable in these situations at the best of times.

On the plus side, she was looking really elegant. Rachel will be back later with a more comprehensive update.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten.



6 Responses to Press Conference

  1. 2 years ago by Belerofonte

    It was a “standard” interview about everything and nothing at once …

    She was beautiful, anyway :)

  2. 2 years ago by edenLiao

    a news about the interview here.

  3. 2 years ago by rryq

    the dress she’s wearing now for the closing ceremony is fantastic…love her!

  4. 2 years ago by Destino (麦喀士主义哲学)

    The ticket was originally cost $240+ and $800 for a better view,as a Chinese high school student study in Shanghai an right beside the Grand Theater,I missed the entire show,and I would probably be my only chance to see her in real life !!!!!

    /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ SO SAD!!!!!!!

  5. 2 years ago by Destino (麦喀士主义哲学)

    More Pics:http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3120987175

  6. 2 years ago by Lee Bartholomew

    hmmm China = anti women and natalie is very pro Women! basically go there w/o your brain and no computer and a disposable phone.


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