Natalie was photographed out and about with a group of friends in Tel Aviv last Friday before wrapping up A Tale of Love and Darkness production this week. A fan spotted her in a cafe the same day. Thanks to Kitten for the finds (via Ynet).



13 Responses to Natalie out and about in Tel Aviv

  1. 1 year ago by Cédric42

    on the second picture I do not know if it comes from the bag or how Natalie would like but it’s a little belly. Still beautiful anyway.

  2. 1 year ago by natness

    The way she´s looking at us is breaking my heart.

  3. 1 year ago by Adonis

    Good luck Natalie!!. I hope “A Tale of Love and Darkness” will be the beginning for more projects and of course for your big movie “Mathilda” …
    No actor in the world can give me what Natalie gives me a few seconds …..

  4. 1 year ago by A.

    Sometimes she looks pregnant, sometimes not… How does she do this?? It is so weird. But here she seems to be…

  5. 1 year ago by dedel

    reply to “A.” *

  6. 1 year ago by Boshudi

    No amount of pictures could contain her beauty!

  7. 1 year ago by LM

    OMG she’s def pregnant ! Congrats to Natalie and her fam :)

  8. 1 year ago by KateOrta

    Not the pregnancy rumours again. She is carrying a grey bumper back. You can clearly see it in second picture peaking out from under her shirt. Probably safer in Tel Aviv to carry your personal things like documents, money and cell phone closer than in your handbag. She looks very youthfull here, but not very happy at being followed. Understandable.

    • 1 year ago by LM

      Oooh ok, i didn’t notice that … i thought it was a grey tshirt under her sweater… Thanks for pointing that out :) good eye 😉

  9. 1 year ago by Juan234

    Ah KateOrta is probably right. That’s probably the reasoning for the baby bump in the restaurant pics too.

    She brings the rumors on herself though using something like that!

  10. 1 year ago by Juan234

    Maybe it’s a BeerBelly:


  11. 1 year ago by A.

    I can’t see what you see. It still looks like a grey t-shirt to me. Well, in a few months at worth we’ll know the truth…


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