say your goodbyes

Very soon this design will be a thing of the past. There will be a temporary preview of the new design up while the main site is down until such a time as the new design is up and we can take the preview down. You follow?

So say your fond farewells and I will see you IN THE FUTURE!

Btw, Sanji was gonna make the last update (it even had actual content) yesterday but the powercuts have affected him so I guess he’ll only be able to do that later on the weekend or monday.



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New poll

Hey all

Everyone is busy working on things for the new design so I’m gonna keep updates down to a minimum this week. Thankfully there’s not much nat news anyway.

So just a new poll today.

Just a few more days…


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new design on the way

Hey all

The current plan is to implement the new design this weekend. This may change but it’s what we’re shooting for. The site will be down for a day or two while the change takes place. I’ll have a better idea on friday as to the exact schedule.



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server issues

Hi Vapid…and everyone else.

Before I get to the update, english soccer/football fans make sure you read all the way to the end of the update cos there’s something for you guys.

You may have noticed that the site’s been a bit…funny this weekend. And not so much “ha-ha” funny as “motherf***ing piece of sh*t” funny. This is because Pher has been doing some work and upgrades on the server. The main problem being that only the main page is viewable. But everything should be fine soon so just wipe those tears away and hang in there!

Ok, news, let’s see what we have…

Claire sends word that Natalie will complete her work on Episode 3 next week although I suspect there might be callbacks at some point. I can’t believe she’s almost done and there still hasn’t been one lousy paparazzi photo. I just don’t understand what’s becoming of this world…sigh.

Quinn and Christopher noticed that Nat’s upcoming involvement in The Smoker has been added to the IMDB. If you recall we mentioned the film a few weeks ago but there’s still not much known about it.

Stephen sent in a nice big SW pic. With the server probs I can’t check to see if we have it already but hey, it’s worth it regardless.

Several people have emailed me that Anywhere But Here will be on tomorrow…Sunday 10th August, BBC2, 11:15pm…in the UK.

Just the one piece of fanart today and it comes from JenR.

And finally, just another reminder of the Cosmogirl poll.

Thanks everyone.

Now for the soccer/football boys and girls. I am setting up a fantasy football league for some friends and if you follow the english Premier League and would like to partake, send me an email because we have some spots to fill.


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19 million!!!

Hey all

Wasn’t gonna update tonight cos I’ve been busy working on the new design…and by working I mean cracking my whip and making Kris do handstands.

But this email was something I had to put right up. It’s from Alex.G and he seems to be channeling Sanjiro. Coolness.

Turns out that you’ve reached your 19000000th visitor. and i am that man. i dont even know if you care. but the fans of care. and i care. well, i guess that i already included myself as a fan, but… shut up me.

i’ve attached a cool jpg of the 19000000th visit. it was at 3:58 mountain time. yay for me and my MSPaint skillz. ttyl Dazza thanks for continuing to be devoted to the site and the fans… and nat. Natalie is surely the classiest celebrity in Hollywood.

Thanks Alex and congrats, now you have something to tell your grandkids someday.



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new comic

Hey all

Nate and I have got the new comic strip done. I have no idea why I wrote “Jim” in the script. It’s meant to be “John” as in director John Duigan. My bad.

Justin wanted me to tell you all that the cosmogirl poll from yesterday…well if you REALLY want Natalie to win, note than you can vote 100 times a day. So get cracking!

And finally, Vern is back with another Spotted from Down Under.

“‘SPOTTED’ Star Wars stars Natalie Portman and Ewen McGregor catching comedian Eddie Izzard’s show at a theatre in Sydney”

Ok, now seriously…where the hell are the pictures? What are you Aussies doing down there? Get those camera’s out! You may rock at sports but you’re falling way behind in the paparazzi stakes. For shame!



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Hey all

Another quiet day on the news front but we’re working on lots of things behind the scenes. The new design is coming along steadily and Kris deserves some credit for all the work he’s putting in. But of course he’s nothing without my genius steering the ship, right Kris? I wouldn’t like to guess as to when it’ll be ready but I’ll keep you all up to date as to the progress.

Sanji and I tried to do the point counterpoint thing this weekend but it was a bit of a screwup. This is what happens when you spend just 5 minutes planning the thing. The live chat approach is not the way to go as it felt forced and we ended up talking about Soprano’s more than the topic at hand. So, instead, I think I’m gonna set up (and by “setup” I mean “get Kris to setup”) an editorial page where Sanji and I as well as other staff members (and maybe even guest writers?) can rant and rave about certain issues. Sound good?

Melody Nelson found some great new old pics and her partner in crime, Titooy, removed the watermarks. Here’s an example. The rest can be found over at this gallery.

Jessica sent in this little tidbit:

E! Ask Marilyn a guy asks if she has any new movies coming out besides Star Wars and she talks a little about Cold Mountain.

Is that new? Anyone have anymore info about it?

Apparently the Cosmogirl of the year poll is now open. I say apparently cos I’d have to register to check and that’s just a…bridge…too…far…

And a little bit of fanart to round things off:

Nat sent in 3 wallpapers, the last of which includes some np.comic pics, which is nice to see. BTW, the new strip should be done soon.

And lastly, N.P. Fan is back with another drawing.



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pics and polls

Hey all

I’m in a fabulously melancholy mood but I did promise another update so here we go…

Katie, Bob, Orionsaint and Stumachr7 (must be a popular mag) all sent in about a blurb from the new Parade magazine. Here is the scan.

Jack found this poll where you can vote for who you want to appear on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. So if you want Nat on the cover head on over here.

Speaking of polls, Kate found two that mention Natalie…
Poll 1
Poll 2

On now for some fanart.

Mike sent in two great drawings. The first one is especially impressive. Click here and here.

Dana took inspiration from those new pics and made a great wallpaper.

And Gwen also used the new pics in a wallpaper.

And finally, N.P fan sent in a drawing of Nat in two versions. I’m not sure of the expanse of white was an artistic choice but I decided to leave it as is, just in case.

Go hug someone.


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I’ll probably update again this weekend but for now just two important things.

Firstly, Kris has written up a sparkling new script for the poll page. What does this mean to you? Probably not much but the polls should be a lot more frequent.

And secondly, the Rise of Nobility trailer is out today. What is RON? Well it’s an audio drama about Padme Amidala. The whole thing will be available for download in September. has decided to help out with bandwidth so you’ll be able to download it from here.

Anyway, that’s september. Today the trailer was released so give it a listen by downloading from here.

Seeya soon.


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new nat pics

Just arrived in my inbox.

We know this pic.

But look at this!

And look at this!!!


Those were sent in by Caleb who also cleaned up two older pics. Click here and here for those.



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I forgot to include the link to the Celeb shoe auction in yesterday’s update but it’s fixed now.

Just a quick update tonight because I still need to think about an Np.comic script for this week.

This is quite strange. Datadiskmodem found a pic on a news site from Baghdad. Well you tell me…is that Nat on the billboard? Certainly looks like it to me. They may not have order, food and water but at least they’ve got Nat. *sarcasm mode off*

Nessa sent in an audio clip of Natalie’s brief singing in ESILY. You can download it from here.

The only fanart of the day is from Alan who sent in another wallpaper, once again in two formats.

See you kids tomorrow.


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After that Sanj update I think it’s time I go a little bit serious:
The swedish lawmakers have decided it’s time for sweden to take 10 steps back in the IT development by enforcing a law that, as of Thursday last week, made it illegal for sites using cookies without the expressed consent by the user and a detailed description of why and what the cookies do.
And although this site isn’t located in Sweden, neither physically nor DNS-wise, here goes : doesn’t use cookies.
There are PHP session variables that stores some information temporarily, but are removed when the session is closed.

So now you know!


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TheForce.Net has posted what may be the best article i’ve ever read.

it’s about two crazy guys who do crazy things. i suggest you read the WHOLE THING! but here’s the Natalie part:

Livingston told police that over the years he has paid Brayman – a man he believed to have special spiritual powers – thousands of dollars for praying to protect people.

Livingston told police he had specifically paid Brayman $80 a week over 173 weeks for a total of $13,840 to protect actress Natalie Portman. According to the warrant, Brayman told Livingston that “eggs had been implanted in Natalie, and if the eggs hatched, she would be invaded by creatures that would strangle off her oxygen and she would be torn apart from the inside out.”

Oh, to be young again.


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Help Less


Sanji and I finished the first draft of our screenplay tonight so starting tomorrow we can concentrate a bit more on site stuff. But that’s tomorrow and right now I’m tired as hell, so till then just this little tid bit…

Sydney Confidential Quote:
“SPOTTED” Natalie Portman at the Bondi Beach Markets”

Thanks to Vern and Cyberjedi.


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Finally some news…

And it’s good news. VERY good news.

Dana found this article, which says Closer (the nat rumoured project I’m most excited about) is still going ahead and will begin filming in January. The stunning cast previously mentioned on the site are all still aboard. Woooo!


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Sweet FA


Wow, what a slow week it has been. There is just f-all to update with. If things are like this next week I’m going to have to get inventive.

Anyway, here’s this scraping the bottom of the barrel update.

Dana found a poll on AccessHollywood about who should play Betty and Veronica in the upcoming film about the Archie comic characters. Obviously Nat is a candidate but hopefully the closest she gets to the film is this poll.

And that’s it. THAT IS IT!

One little poll since wednesdays update. Well hopefully it’s a case of the quiet before the storm but regardless of how much news there is next week, we will have *something* for you guys to chew on.



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*chirp chirp*


Man, is it a slow Nat news week or what? Now is the perfect time for a light distraction, something like POINT! COUNTERPOINT! (or as I like to call it PCP) but Sanji and I are currently wrapping up a screenplay, so the first PCP will likely only be done next week.

As I said, not much today but let’s see what we do have.

Luke, Dana, Ulrich and my man Angra, all sent in word that there’s a spanking new Image Attack up. Mmmm.

And the has an interview with the author of Queen of Hearts, the crappy Nat biography.

And finally, thanks to Jysaac for these 3 cool pieces of fanart.

Hopefully the ass end of the week will be a bit more newsworthy.


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Thanks to AICN for the first Cold Mountain review. Unfortunately it’s not a very good review (very brief, several spoilers) and Natalie doesn’t get a mention, but it seems mostly positive.

Please please please be a great film with a great Natalie performance…pleeeease!


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twist and shout


Sorry for the delay in the new comic strip but Nate hadn’t seen Beautiful Girls…can you imagine?!?! Anyway, here it is and don’t forget that all the old comics are archived here. Sanji thinks only 7 people will ‘get it’ but I have more faith. At least 10.

Katie sent in this scan from the new Twist magazine featuring the infamous Nat-Gael walk. Hmmmm…

And finally, just a little clarification on what Sanji mentioned yesterday. Since Ask the Staff is sorta dead (I guess people ran out of questions + Alex, JC and Kris dissapeared) Sanji and I thought it could be quite funny if we discuss/debate certain nat or site related topics. So if there’s anything that you would like to see us bitching about, please send the idea my way.

That’s it for tonight, ciao.


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