Upcoming Film Tidbits

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Today’s tidbits are all about upcoming Natalie films. It’s great to have so many interesting projects on the way and hopefully one or two new Natalie classics among them.

– According to this insider, a Terrence Malick film will probably be playing the Venice International Film Festival. Will it finally be Weightless, the Ryan Gosling starring music scene film that shot directly after Knight of Cups? Or will it be Malick’s A Voyage of Time?

Adriano De Grandis, usually well informed on behind-the-scenes negotiations and the selection of Venice’s La Mostra writes in Padua’s Il Gazzettino: “Almost secure the attendance of [a] Terrence Malick [film]”. In his opinion or according to his informations, it would be WEIGHTLESS.

– Five minutes of Jackie was screened in Italy to distributors, one of which had this encouraging synopsis:

Protagonist of the film is the radiant Natalie Portman, who after a few minutes of trailer is not difficult to imagine among the 2017 Oscar candidate for best actress.

– And finally, in more upcoming Natalie film news, it looks like Planetarium had a recent screening.


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Although the week is being splendid in terms of photographs and artwork, It remains very weak about Natalie news. While we await developments concerning her next projects, go with a small portion of tidbits.

SXSW film festival is taking place in Austin this week, and yesterday a documentary titled “Mr. Gaga” was premiered. Set in the world of dance, the documentary tells the story the titular director of the Batsheva Dance Company, and Natalie appears briefly in it. The Playlist has more details about it.

People have a few words of Natalie about how challenging it was to work alongside Christian Bale in Knight of Cups:

“Christian would do surprising things all the time. It’s fun to watch – and sometimes scary, like when he’s like diving off a dock into the ocean when you don’t expect it in the middle of a scene. But he also keeps everything feeling very alive and spontaneous. It was really a fun, unusual experience.”

“It’s got that complication to it,” Portman says of what drew her to the role. “Because in one sense [their relationship] has the most authentic love, but also it’s the most forbidden. So there’s this gentleness and a generosity between them, but it’s the wrong relationship to be having.”

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KoC Tidbits

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Knight of Cups is out in the world, no doubt confounding most audiences, but those who can sync with Malick’s vision are really responding well as you’ll see from a couple rapturous reviews below.

– First up is a new featurette with behind the scenes footage and interviews.

– Next up is a detailed write up of an actor who had no idea what he was getting into. It’s a really fun read and well worth checking out.

“We’re all standing there and Malick hands out these pieces of paper to all of us,” Lennon said. “And the one he gave me said, ‘There’s no such thing as a fireproof wall.’ And I ask, ‘Is this something I’m supposed to say in the scene?’ and he said, ‘I don’t know.’”

– Now two reviews, both of which couldn’t be more positive. The New Yorker review is deep and dense while SFGate doesn’t think many films will be able to match it this year. Bare in mind the film only has an overall score of 47% on Rotten Tomatoes, so again, this is a film made for the few, not the many.

Here is an excerpt from each review.

These images, brilliant and radiant with a love of light, rapturous with a love of motion, bring to the cinema a big and great idea: the overcoming of the distinction between subject and object, between recording and imagination.

Terrence Malick is inventing a new kind of cinema, one that calls for new language to describe it. This is a cinema of ecstasy, of the spirit, of witnessing the beauty in all things. As a story, his new film, “Knight of Cups,” is instantly forgettable, and that’s assuming you can find a story to follow. But the experience of the film is about something else, about creating a feeling of transcendence and joy through visual means. It’s remarkable.


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Some odds. Some ends. You know the drill.

– First up some great news for Natalie’s directorial debut, A Tale of Love and Darkness. The film has distribution, will be opening later this year and is aiming for an Oscar foreign language submission…although that may be a bit optimistic. Read about it at THR.

– In other upcoming Natalie film news, the second Terrence Malick film is now finally titled Weightless – assuming the producers are correct. Originally called Lawless, it feels like it has had an identity crisis for years. Now can we see a damn trailer already? Knight of Cups has rocked my Malick fandom quite a bit but I’m still quite hyped about everything we know about his Austin set film.

– Speaking of Knight of Cups, the film had a very strong per screen average in its opening weekend but I’m not sure how far it is going to be able to expand.

More Knights

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Looks like it’s going to be a big week for Knight of Cups news, leading up to the (tiny) opening on Friday. It has been a loooong wait to see the film and having seen it last year, it is probably not going to be worth the wait unless you are one of the few in-tune with the very personal and unique presentation that Malick is working with.

– Let’s start with a new video interview from One Big Soul.

– Next up is a new teaser trailer that is really great. The music and the visuals go together beautifully.

– Then we have a couple positive reviews.

The Village Voice calls it sumptuous.

You don’t reason your way through a film like this; you let it wash over you, pull you this way and that.

Or you reject it. Many will run screaming from Knight of Cups, even as some of us are enraptured. At times, Malick almost seems to welcome this polarized response.

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Knight of Cups is coming…

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The USA release of the film is next Friday. There is a Premiere in L.A. tomorrow, but Natalie continues filming Jackie on the east coast, so it´s unlikely that she can attend the event…

To make the wait more bearable, here we have a great new photo of Nat in the film:


“Knight of Cups” USA Premiere

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It seems there will be a premiere on the occasion of US release of “Knight of Cups” next week. According to Average socialite, there will be a screening and Q&A on March 1 in the presence of the cast of the film:

Natalie is listed, so hopefully we can see pictures of the event …


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Here cometh a new batch of mini news items.

– I listened to this a few weeks back and completely forgot about it, but for all the Heatheads out there, the Bill Simmons Podcast had a special pod about the 20th anniversary of the film. Obviously there is some Natalie chat in there too.

– Alex Garland continues to drop bits of info about the upcoming Annihilation. This is from The Playlist.

“The thing is at the point I wrote the screenplay, which was a year and a half ago now, I hadn’t read parts two and three and I approached it just as a film. I didn’t think about where it was going because I didn’t know where it was going,” he said. “Franchise is such a huge part of the way the film industry functions these days but with this particular job, I just wasn’t seeing it. I have approached films in those terms before. When I worked on ‘Dredd,’ I absolutely tried to imagine it was a trilogy and what would be the structure. Possibly as a result of having done that and the the film bombing and those ideas sort of turning to dust, I’m probably reluctant to think too much in those terms again and just concentrate on the one film you’re actually making.”

– Finally, here is another thoughtful review appreciating Knight of Cups but it includes the fair warning that this film is as niche as it gets.

Personally, I enjoyed Knight Of Cups overall but I wouldn’t really recommend it to just anyone. Not even the casual Malick fan (if there is such a thing). To quote my friend/PINNLAND EMPIRE contributor Leanne Kubicz – Terrence Malick absolutely went “full Malick” on this one.

New KOC Still

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The American release of “Knight of Cups” is getting closer, and more promotional material are appearing. comingsoon.net has a few more unseen stills of the movie (by Melissa Sue Gordon), including one with Natalie and Christian Bale.


"Knight of Cups"

Sunday Tidbits

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! To celebrate, here’s a round of “sunday tidbits” for all you guys.

-The big news of the week was undoubtedly Natalie incorporating the cast of the latest film by Xavier Dolan. Delving a bit on the news, we have a brief statement of the Director concerning it:

“From ‘Crash’ to ‘Closer’, Besson’s ‘Professional’, ‘About a Boy’, ‘Skins’ and more recently ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, Natalie, Thandie and Nicholas have always inspired me, and helped define what I like and find exciting in acting, so there is an almost karmic peculiarity to knowing I’ll be working with them next.”

“They’re completing a list of talents whom I believe are very rare, and even rarer together. I’m excited to tell this story with them. Never has a film been so important to me, especially because its subject, diversity and identity in film, has never felt so real, and dire”

It is still uncertain when they start filming; Some reports speak of this spring, and others of a shooting along this year. In between, we remember that Natalie also will shoot “Annihilation”, with Alex Garland.

-Meanwhile, Natalie will finish filming Jackie soon. According to Juan de Dios Larrain, brother of Pablo and co-producer of the movie, they will begin a second phase of filming in March, this time on location in USA

-In another vein, and talking about past releases, There are a couple of new cool stuff about “Knight of Cups”…

A new (and great) still of the movie:

Foto 14-2-16 10 15 37

… and this short video of KoC Berlin Premiere, recorded inside the theatre, which is really nice:

-Finally, it seems that Jane Got a Gun, the last release of the actress, has at least one passionate fan … Stephen King:


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We’re back with some more mini Natalie news items. Dig in!

– Let’s kick off with the box office and despite being one of the more robust holds during the week, Jane Got A Gun fell off a cliff this weekend. Granted, with such a poor first weekend we’re talking a pretty short fall. Speaking off planting face first into the dirt, many moons ago Natalie was to star in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It was to be written and directed by David O’Russell, but he dropped out and went on to become the Oscar darling of the last few years. Natalie dropped out soon after and there was a string of directors coming on board and then exiting.

The film was finally released this weekend and it’s another “why did they even bother?” with a massively underwhelming box office take.

– Next up, a new German Knight of Cups clip has arrived with Natalie and Christian Bale having some fun on a pier.

– Speaking of Knight of Cups, here are a couple very positive reviews for the film – Theology and Movies and Podcasting The Softly.

New KOC Poster

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Check out this really great new poster for Knight of Cups featuring Christian Bale. Thanks to Belerofonte for the find (via GQT).

New 'Knight of Cups' Poster


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It’s time for another batch of smaller Natalie news items. Quite a nice selection today…

– The Playlist have published their annual 100 Most Anticipated Films list for 2016 and Natalie had three films make it. Jackie is number 36, Weightless (the second Malick film) is number 2, and Jane Got A Gun was an honourable mention. A bit curious that Planetarium didn’t make the cut.

Knight of Cups opens stateside in a month and a half but will premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in early February. As part of the promotion, Broad Green Pictures are releasing very short snippets from the film, which I personally find a poor match for Malick’s aesthetic. Nevertheless, here is one such clip with Natalie.

– Finally, it would appear that Natalie and Ben are currently in Cuba.

New KOC Still

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I’m not sure if this is an actual production still or a screen grab from the film, but we’re sharing this great shot from Knight of Cups either way. Thanks to Belerofonte for the find.

'Knight of Cups' Still


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It’s been a pretty great start to the year for Natalie news. Let’s try and keep that going with some mini news items.

– More encouraging news about Annihilation, the director Alex Garland seems intent to make it more than the typical action sci-fi. “Atmosphere and tone over structure and plot” and “impressionistic mood poem” sounds right up my alley.

– A very deep review of Knight of Cups that is positively rapturous about the film.

This poetry is a resistance and a provocation within contemporary cinema. It speaks a nostalgia for a world full of spirit(s). But also, in one or two key shots, a nostalgia for the aquarium of magical fauna that lit up childhood. We forget to our detriment this essential quest in Malick – those eyes which dream up watery nymphs here, or dinosaurs and a levitating mother elsewhere. The meanders of Knight of Cups belong to those who have opened their eyes for the first time to a world that, through habit, they usually screen out.

– Finally, I’ve been coming around on Jane Got A Gun but this new clip from the film is a bit cringe-y. What do you think?

KOC opens in France

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The day where we can all witness the evasive Malick film Knight of Cups is finally almost here. The film has opened in France, and the new reviews are kind of what you’d expect for a newer film of Terrence Malick’s. With a 47% on Rotten Tomatoes, you shouldn’t have any fear just yet. The reviews have been split on either loving the artistry of the film or finding it pretentious and overly stuffed. If you’ve liked Malick films before, you may like this latest addition.

As the reviews keep coming, we also have a slightly different trailer. Nothing that really sets this one apart from the other trailer, but it’s good to keep the fire burning since we are so close to finally seeing a film we have heard so much about for years.

Do you think the film will score higher the wider it gets released? Are you excited to see it still? Let us know!


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A new week and a new batch of mini news items for you guys to snack on.

– Let’s kick things off with a scene scene clip from Knight of Cups, which has Natalie and Christian Bale enjoying some art and each other. The voice over would be Natalie, if it wasn’t dubbed into German.

– Something that slipped through the cracks is a really nice write up on Natalie’s talk with Darren Aronofsky at TIFF. Some really nice comments about Darren, the roles for women in Israel and Mike Nichols…

“I stole all the things I learned from him, and I remember him everyday,” Portman said.

She recalled that rather than having his actors rehearse scenes over and over again, Nichols would have them partake in “naming moments”.

This practice, Portman said, “has been really instrumental for me and how I look at everything and be like, ‘This is the moment where they fall in love,’ ‘This is the moment where he realises she’s cheating’.

“Just naming it with all the people together makes you all part of telling the same story.”

– Finally, thanks to Miriam for another good find, a video interview about A Tale of Love and Darkness from Cannes.