Taking advantage of this impasse of big news, here goes a few tidbits…

-With the release of Jackie in several countries outside of the USA, many interviews in different newspapers and Magazines are appearing. Amo has found one of them in the English magazine “The Lady”, in which Natalie denies some of the topics about her life that are often read on some sites.

-It seems to be confirmed that Mimi Leder will be the next director of “On the Basis of Sex”, the long-delayed biopic about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It is not yet known when the movie will start filming, but it could be one of the projects that the actress approaches after her pregnancy. In her recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, she talked a little about the argument:

-Finally, someone has uploaded to YouTube a short Planetarium scene … and well, let’s say we had not seen anything like this since “Hotel Chevalier” 🙂

Video after the jump…



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The year begins very strong in Natland. While we wait for a trailer of Malick’s latest film and the Golden Globes ceremony next Sunday, here we have an abundant ration of tidbits…

-Last Monday, Natalie was honored with an award at the Palm Springs Festival. Tom Hanks was in charge of it, and he delivered to Natalie an awesome introduction speech. Here is a small sample of his kind words to her (thanks to Fanatical610 for the find):

While Hanks introduced Natalie, she was backstage, and a photographer caught a really nice moment …



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Sunday Tidbits

What better end to an intense week of news and images than a few tidbits…

-First of all, here we have a compilation of the best stills seen these days, both from Jackie and Planetarium, in our gallery section and with HD quality. Click on the images below to see them:




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Planetarium releases in France

Planetarium opens in France today. Unfortunately, Rebecca Zlotowski’s latest film, starring Natalie and Lily Rose Depp, hasn´t had a critical reception as good as Jackie, but this movie supposes the opportunity to see our favorite actress in a mysterious and interesting role. To celebrate the release, here we have an interview (in French) of the director in Allocine, and a few instagram photos shared by some people of the crew (including the director herself).



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Taking advantage of this small hiatus of news, here are a new ration of tidbits…

-First of all, Natalie will receive an achievement in film award at the Israel Film Festival tomorrow, alongside Sharon Stone and Jay Sanderson, and surely we will have some photos of the gala dinner.

-The AFI Fest will start next Thursday, and one of the highlights of the festival will be the special gala of Jackie:

Opening Night is this Thursday! #AFIFEST #losangeles #filmfestival #jackie

A photo posted by American Film Institute (@americanfilminstitute) on



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Rencontres de cinema

Interview with Natalie and Rebecca Zlotowski about Planetarium has been issued in Canal Plus a few minutes ago. Here is the full video (obviously in French):


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Canal Plus interview

For the premiere of Planetarium, Natalie and Rebecca Zlotowski have given an interview for Canal Plus France, to be broadcast next Sunday. Here is a little preview…

Click on the image to see it:



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The next two Natalie movies will be released in the coming weeks, and their respective soundtracks come with them. The acclaimed composition of Mica Levi for Jackie goes on sale on December 9 under the Milan Records label.

Also, we can hear the Planetarium OST soon. Music Box Records has announced a soundtrack album for the movie, which features original music composed by Rob (aka Robin Coudert). The 2-CD set also includes the composer’s scores for Zlotowski 2010 & 2013 features Belle Épine and Grand Central. It will be released on November 10, and is now available on the label’s website, where we can listen a few audio samples here .



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Great Planetarium Stills

The French Planetarium release approaches, and because of this, new film images are appearing. Click here to see them in our gallery.

Here are some awesome examples:




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The news about Natalie pile up, so here are a few as Tidbits.

A Tale of Love and Darkness opens in Germany on November 3, and Spiegel Online has an interview with Natalie because of it. Unfortunately, the full article is for subscribers only, but we can enjoy a nice picture of her illustrating it:




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New stills

A couple of great new stils of Jackie and Planetarium have emerged:




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We’re due for a bunch of news out of New York so let me get in a few smaller news items first…

– Natalie, being a fan of Italian author, Elena Ferrante, has agreed to read the audiobook of her new picture book, The Beach At Night. It’s a children’s book, but a very dark one, as you will be able to hear with a preview excerpt of Natalie’s reading here.

– Let’s move on to another rave for Jackie, this time from Awards Daily.

Portman fulfills every expectation, then goes beyond, as she nails every precise emotion imaginable in this unimaginable tragedy. She never loses her grasp on Jackie’s renowned poise, refinement and her perfectly inflected voice. And she never shies away from the horrors she is called upon to witness. I cannot praise her enough. She was astonishing. Revealing depths that one could never guess that she possessed, her performance is one for the ages, certain to land her another Oscar nomination.

– Finally, a French friend of the site saw Planetarium and she shared three points:

* It was a lot better than she had expected.
* Natalie’s French was very solid.
* Natalie has rarely looked more beautiful on film.


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Planetarium tidbits

While Jackie had an excellent reception in Toronto and Venice, Planetarium, the other Natalie film premiered there, has not enjoyed the same fate. The film directed by Rebecca Zlotowski be released in France on November 16. Until then, here we have an interview with Natalie and Lily-Rose Depp, held at the TIFF by Variety:

And here, a couple of nice moments, immortalized in instagram, during its exhibition at both festivals:



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Planetarium Tiff Review

Here’s another TIFF review! Critics have been a bit hard on this French-Belgium production, and after viewing the film, I can unfortunately see why.

Rebecca Zlotowski is known for pushing boundaries, especially with 2013’s Grand Central. At 36, she has a future ahead of her. With the premise of Planetarium being leaked earlier this year, that film seemed like her future. Two sisters who are mediums being channeled by an early film maker? Sign us up! However, it isn’t once you watch the film that reality sets in. If anything, the first half an hour or so is actually spectacular and even magical. It is, instead, after this segment of the film that you find out how it really is. Planetarium has imaginative concepts, but you would have to lunge yourself to reach where the potential sits from where the film takes you. Planetarium had such promise, but it gets lost amidst its own ambitions.


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THR video with Planetarium Cast

The Hollywood Reporter is also in the TIFF to cover the festival, and gives us a nice meeting video with the director and cast of Planetarium:


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Planetarium TIFF Premiere

Natalie just attended the premiere of Planetarium at the Toronto International Film Festival this evening in Ontario. Hit the preview below to see her walking the (very wet) red carpet and joining Lily-Rose Depp and Rebecca Zlotowski onstage at Roy Thomson Hall to present the film.


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Natalie and Lily-Rose Depp have made an exclusive vídeo interview with “The Wrap” (vídeo is here). To illustrate, here are a couple of great photos:




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Venice videos

Natalie is traveling to Toronto right now to release Jackie and Planetarium in North America this weekend. To make the wait more bearable, here are a few videos of her public appearances in Venice…

Red carpets:



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Planetarium After Party

Natalie attended a celebratory dinner after the Planetarium premiere last night. This time Just Jared has the pictures:



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Planetarium Red Carpet

DAZZA update – I am editing Belero’s post to make it a bit more objectively accurate. I think he’s probably right but let’s wait for the real confirmation 🙂

Natalie joined Lily-Rose Depp on the red carpet at Cannes for the Planetarium premiere in Venice, where she looks absolutely radiant.

Will we soon have an announcement to congratulate Natalie & family? 🙂



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