rock and roll

The following takes place between 22:20 and 00:06

Hey all

I’m glad that it seems the majority of you are very happy with what we’ve done and rest assured that we’re always going to try and improve. Speaking of which, I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback and I’m trying to reply to everyone but there’s a lot so if you sent something in you might have to wait a day or two. I’d like to encourage everyone who hasn’t written in, who feels they have something to share, to do so because next week we’re gonna maybe suggest some changes. So if there’s something you really want changed or really DON’T want changed, you better let me know.

Also a reminder that the feedback for the editorial is just for the current editorial topic. In this case: Keira vs Nat. So if you have something to say about that, send me a line.

Alright, Sanji covered most of the news yesterday but lets see what I can dig up for ya…

More good news about the future of Closer, a page has been added to the IMDB.

Johnny found something quite fun. It’s a site that archives old websites. So if you go here you can see the various incarnations of Whew, we’ve come a looong way.

Melody Nelson found two new old pics and Titooy cleaned them up.


And It’s Me sent in a bunch of small, watermarked but new old pics. Here are the most interesting ones…

Eddie sent in this great drawing of two Natalie’s.

And just one wallpaper today. It’s from Mike and it uses a very naked and very fake picture that is doing the rounds. Not for those easily offended.

And that, as they say, is that.