He’s dumb, he’s stupid, he’s the pilot

Woah, Sweden be rocking Euro 2004.


A big thanks to Sanjiro for an inspired Portmania, even though his obsession with Charlie was a bit worrying. I guess its okay. Afterall, dogs are people too.

Thursdays 8 matchups in the Battle of the Nat Pics have been calculated. Now, as Sanji mentioned, we’re going to have to do the previous 8 again because of our stuffup. So head over here to see which pics made it through and to vote for the new-old batch.

The Garden State love continues with two more reviews at AICN. Click the link to check them out but here are a couple key phrases:

“Saarsgard and Portman hit both of their characters out of the park…”

“Garden State probably won?t be the best film you?ll see this year, but it will certainly be the one of the most memorable. We have these review cards here at SIFF, where after the credits roll, you rate a movie 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest. I was about to give the flick a 4, UNTIL, one climactic crying scene with Portman?s character arrived, which came off like it deserved a fucking 7. I will never forget that moment. It was perhaps one of the most genuine glimpses of emotion I?ve ever seen put to celluloid.”

The Seattle International Film Festival dished out its awards and while Natalie didn’t win she was nominated for best actress. Garden State and Zach Braff got several other nominations which you can read in full here. Thanks to Stacy.

Remember that small pic of Nat in the car with Diane Sawyer? Well Melody found a decent sized version.

Before Nat’s birthday she was hitting the celeb events on a daily basis. Because of that we weren’t really able to talk about any of them properly so I thought a poll would be a nice way to look back at them and see which looked best.

New poll here.

And here are the results from the last poll:

What are you looking forward to more?

Episode 3 59.2% (444 votes)

Garden State 26.53% (199 votes)

Closer 14% (105 votes)


And that’s about it really.