Dinner is waiting for me so this is going to be briefer than Cuba Gooding Jr’s career as a great actor.

The next Quarter Final Matchup is now ready. Soooo


Celia noticed that on Zach’s blog he mentions that next week he’s going to be doing Charlie Rose with Natalie…woah, that sounds a bit bad, but you get the drift.

On that note, Amidoll reminds us that a Scrubs marathon is on NBC tonight, during which the first Garden State tv ad will debut.

Georgia sent in this little tv sighting:

i was watching Entertainment Tonight (in Australia) and Natalie was on it for Garden State – it was at the premiere!
I was at the gym so i dont have a copy or any thing but i thought i’d just let you know!

Running on a treadmill and then spotting Nat on TV could be pretty dangerous.

Steve found this article from Time about Zach, which has some Nat quotes.

Pat sent in this little story:

I heard on the chicago alternative radio station, q101, the DJs were talking about Natalie and doing nude scenes. The chick DJ tried to convince the two dudes that she only said maybe, but they were celebrating because maybe is much closer to yes than no is. I thought that was funny.

I guess you had to be there…

Ok, dinnertime!