New Poll + Selfish Results

It was obvious that we were going to do a poll about the My Valentine video. The reason it took this long is I couldn’t decide what to focus on. The Natalie only version? The mixed version? Or how about the controversy?

In the end I chose the middle option. Based on the comments, the results should be very positive, but let’s see just HOW positive…

The My Valentine poll

The previous poll was a little simpler. Films or charity. It’s no surprise that films won (hey, that’s what I voted), but there was a significantly saintly portion of fans who voted for charity.

Luckily we’re in a world where, for now at least, we get both. Full results are after the jump.

If Natalie could only do one, what would you have her do?
Films – 72.5% (95 votes)

Charity – 27.5% (36 votes)