it begins

Hey all

Melody is away for the week and requested we don’t mess with her galleries while she’s away. And if you know Melody you’d know that declining her requests is as smart as telling the Rock his head looks like a pineapple.

So what I’m trying to say is that there will not be any new galleries until she gets back.

Regarding those Democrat Con pics, you can take a look at what wireimage have till Melody gets back. John Kerry has never looked more appealing.

Skardhamar also sent in a brief clip of Natalie from the event, from Danish tv.

The latest quaterfinal matchup is online. Two very similar pics make it quite a tough call.


Sonoyta found this interesting scoop.

…(Tony)Garnett and his development topper, Britt Harrison, have trawled through more than 600 projects and come up with two to shoot next year. Natalie Portman is attached to play the young Jane Austen in “Becoming Jane.”…

I’m not sure what to think about that…

There is an interview up on CHUD, although most of the content seems identical to other articles that have recently come out. Thanks to Wayne.

Also a reminder, Nat will be on WB11 Morning News (WPIX Superstation) tomorrow morning. Thanks to Northernboy for the heads up.

That’s it for now.