memory lane

So remember that picture from a French mag of Nat and some rough looking guy (possibly the same guy she was seen with in London recently)…and they sorta looked like maybe they were arguing?

Well let me refresh your memories. I think the pic was this.

Thanks to Jmini we can now find out what came before.

A little walky walky
Whew, she lost him
He’s back and hopefully he has something in his pocket
Kissy kissy? ARGH!

Well to be fair, at first glance it looks like they’re locking lips but after closer scrutiny it appears, to me at least, that she’s offering him her cheek.

What fun.

Continuing the theme, do you remember us mentioning a film called Fandom? It was about a Nat fan who tries meet her. Anyway, there is a screening at the Arclight theatre in LA on Sept 24th at 5:30pm. If you want to get tickets head over here.

And finally, Johan sends word that the Garden State OST has entered the US top 20.

That’s it for now but I might be back later.

PS – That Another Mag merge from my update yesterday was a messed up link but it’s fixed now.