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Hey all

This site, about DC comic books being made into films, is reporting that Natalie has signed on to Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta. I don’t know squat about the story but here’s what they’re reporting:

We’ve heard that Natalie Portman has done a deal for V For Vendetta. The film is an adaptation of Alan Moore’s 1988 totalitarian classic. The Wachowskis have scripted and will produce, and James McTeigue is directing — he was first assistant director on the Matrix Sequels and on Star Wars Episodes II & III. Joel Silver is producing.

Thanks to Robin for that.

JC found another report although they got the info from the initial link.

Sounds interesting. Hopefully more info will be forthcoming.


Here’s the Amazon link and write-up.

A frightening and powerful story of the loss of freedom and identity in a totalitarian world, V for Vendetta takes place in an alternate future in which Germany wins WWII and Britain becomes a fascist state. A vigilante named “V” stalks the streets of London trying to free England of its ideological chains. Moore’s poetic language coupled with Lloyd’s eerie, washed-out color art makes this a captivating read sure to stay with you.


I think Natalie would be playing the character of Evey. You can read a summary of the story and her character here.


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