more Free Zone pics


Had an unexpected guest throw my evening plans…well…my lack of evening plans, into turmoil. So this is gonna be quick and I’ll possibly update early tomorrow.

Juanma found higher res versions of the two pics from yesterday as well as a new (cute pouty) pic.

Pic 1
Pic 2
The new pic

Melody also found this new Free Zone pic from the mag Les Inrockuptibles.

And finally a bit of negative Free Zone news from Stacy…

Natalie Portman filmed a romantic scene at the Western Wall, drawing an angry response from Jewish worshipers. The actress, who is making the low-budget film “Free Zone” in Israel, the West Bank and Jordan, appeared at the Jerusalem shrine Tuesday for an on-camera embrace with Israeli co-star Aki Avni. Dozens of fervently Orthodox Jews were outraged at the sight and heckled the cast and crew, delaying the production by several hours. The Jerusalem-born actress, 23, is up for an Academy Award on Sunday for her supporting role in the drama “Closer.”


The real reason why I had to update tonight, here’s another freaking oscar poll!!!

And finally, here are the results of yesterdays poll.

If Natalie wins, do you think she will thank her fans and this site?

She’ll thank her fans but not the site 39.53% (102 votes)

She won’t thank either 25.58% (66 votes)

She’s more likely to thank Satan than 17.83% (46 votes)

She won’t thank anyone, instead choosing to break dance 8.14% (21 votes)

She’ll thank both, I’m sure of it 7.36% (19 votes)

Prepare to be disappointed.