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Just a little pic battle update…Kris and I are working on a system that will make the process as fun, easy and fair as possible. So don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about it.

Ok, let’s update…

Melody scanned an article from the French Premiere. It’s an article about Free Zone.


Melody translated a couple of the more important questions…

How did Natalie Portman get involved with “Free Zone”?
One year ago, Natalie wrote me several letters to tell me she wanted to work with me. She liked Kadosh, Kippour, Kedma. For six months, I didn’t reply to her, having nothing to propose to her. Until I wrote this screenplay. I needed a young, naive, open-minded character who discovers the reality of the country through two mature women, one Israeli and one Palestinian. We dined together and I built the character in relation to her. I always adapt the script once I cast the actors to integrate their personality.

You created a scandal when you filmed Natalie Portman kissing a man in front of the wailing wall. What happened?
Some religious people were angry. The rabbi who had written us a letter to let us film there pretended, afterwards, that he had never allowed us.

This scene isn’t in the screenplay. Wasn’t it a provocation to film there?
No. I simply wanted the breakup scene between Natalie and her fiance to take place in this place to make the scene stronger.

Melody also told me that filming lasted 18 days, and the last day was a 20 hour shoot. Whew.

SW pics are still crashing into my inbox with regularity. Once again, some of these will be new, some will be better versions of old pics and some might even be repeats. At this point I can hardly tell anymore.

Nice big wake up pic
Pink socks!!!
Close the curtains
NYPD Blue has changed a lot
If she looks like this for more than one scene I’ll have to tear out my eyes
Kissy kissy
Lucas tells Nat that she actually signed on for episodes 7-9 as well

Thanks to Nicole, Orionsaint and Fee.

On the subject, Sanji posted the Time review/article over here.

Also, the new TV Guide has several different covers. One of which is a hologram of Nat and Leia.

And finally, if you head over here there is a chance to win tickets to the LA premiere of ROTS. It includes plane tickets and accomodation so check it out and see if you can win me the tickets.


Sarah found this funny site that gives celebs funny haircuts. Scroll down a bit to see Nat with a mullet.

You know, I shouldn’t be surprised by this…it’s a poll for which celeb has the best feet. Thanks to Orionsaint.

And finally, a couple pieces of fanart.

EvFex sent in this wallpaper.

And Polly sent in this wallpaper.

That’s it for now…