Hope your weekends aren’t disappointing. If not, if the reactions on the forum are anything to go by, this might do it.

Andrea sent in the following blurb from the July 7 InTouch magazine.

Natalie and her man get serious: New Yorker Natalie Portman wouldn’t give up the Big Apple for her film career, but she will do it for love. “Natalie is moving to LA to be with her boyfriend, Devendra Banhart,” her pal tells In Touch of the folk artist that Natalie, 27, has been dating since April. “She has never been like this and is completely head over heels. And because Devendra works in LA, she wants to be with him.” But the actress won’t break all her ties to home: though she’s heading out west, Natalie is keeping her apartment in NYC’s West Village.

Bare in mind that “her pal” is often code for BS.

I’ve been thinking about last weeks Devendra freak out, with the intention of writing a comic about it. But Omgzrachel, in putting together this little image, did a far better job than I could have.

Well played.