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By August 24, 2005Site-news

The mohawk has landed.

Bryan sent in a few pics of Nat out on the town (in Madrid) with Javier Bardem, and as you can see, the mohawk is in full effect.

As we mentioned several weeks ago, it was always likely that she’d have to grow one in order to wear wigs for Goya’s Ghost. So, like with shaving it initially, I don’t think its fully a stylistic choice but I’m sure she is getting a kick out of doing something different yet again.

On to the pics…


Should make for some interesting comments.


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  • Jeroen says:

    Haha, I love it.

  • black_gamespot says:

    She looks much better with long hair :(((

  • play3r says:

    Totaly Travis Bickle 😀

  • math_grenades says:

    Mohawk looks awful.

  • Marc C. says:

    I love it! It gives her a certain… edge!

  • omgzrachel says:

    Wow. :O I actually really liked her fauxhawk-look, but this may take a little getting used to.

  • hugoherslag says:


  • brasaremean says:

    all i can say is that she’s a VERY brave girl…very brave!!!

  • Immaculata says:

    Trying something different is always cool! I think Nat looks great!

  • nat_rocksmysox says:

    It’s okay. Not her best, but okay. I still like her with longer hair. Makes her look even more beautiful than she is now. Plus the mohawk looks like she’s gone to the bad side you know one of the “bad girls” haha. What makes her look even worse is her discusting habit of smoking, but still she’s so….well i can’t really explain it. lol

  • nataliefan says:

    Understandably, the mohawk was not grown for aesthetic purposes, but nevertheless I must remark that she looks awful.

  • btmville says:

    GAHHHH!!! we will never get to have natalie with her normal hair again!!!

  • Loleia says:

    Oh my god I know where she is, I live 5 minutes from there!! That’s a very popular night-life area in Madrid, and if I’m not mistaken, that’s where Bardem lives.

    And the mohawk looks so… I don’t know, but I think she’s enjoying it *lol* Good for her!

  • dazza says:

    My thoughts from another thread.

    “To me the attraction is not so much the physical aspect. To me it shows a number of things. Individualism, playfullness, confidence and a not being too hung up on superficiality. Also, I think its good to do new things. I did the mohawk thing to simply try something different. A couple years back I dyed my hair black. Then I shaved it. Then I grew it long. I would certainly recommend trying things like that out. We only live once so what’s the harm?”

    Sure, I think she looks better with long hair but I admire what she’s doing now so much more. To me it shows a lot of character and in a way that’s even more attractive than a beautiful face.

    Which, by the way, SHE STILL HAS!

  • breana says:

    hahaha, funnnny!!! Even with a mohawk, she looks gorgeous!

  • Jeroen says:

    Dazza gets it!

  • omgzrachel says:

    I’m in total agreement, dazza. I hate it when people start screaming, “OMG! She cut off all her hair! She’s so ugly now!” So, um… you only thought her hair was beautiful? It’s not like she was in some horrific fire and her face melted. It’ll grow back, people.

  • rafa says:

    well 2 seconds ago i thought what the hell was that?, but then i read dazza and i agreed. although i think she is changing a lot and that is dangerous i know because 2 years ago i tried new things as you said like long hair, shaved hair etc. and i had many many problems, of course not for the hair but because of my mind and my way of life changed (friends, interest) and the hair was only a sign of it, and for me those things were for bad. well what i mean is that i don’t wanna see her suffering if you understand what i mean or maybe i’m worried for nothing. i had a experience already because 5 years ago i admired a girl named (britney spears) and she was like an angel but also had changes and tryed new things and see what she did and what she is now, i know natalie is 1 million times better than britney but the time teach you new things i say it because i lived it and i know it. thats all i have to say good night and bye.

  • Juiceharpboy says:

    Cool like Taxi Driver just for a different purpose.

  • rafa says:

    now only a question, is that the bardem that made sea inside?

  • rafa says:

    yes i read the article and its the same bardem im sorry for the stupid question.

  • Nield Rankosa says:

    Good lord……. *Runs to watch a movie containing Natalie with hair*

  • Marc C. says:

    DAZZA’s the man! I completely agree with him.

    And there are a lot of smokers in the world. Giver her a rest already.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    she said she loved having a bald head, and that she was thinking of having it that way for her intire life, which I dont mind at all, but one thing about you know who has said in a newspaper in australia that he doesn’t like natalie with a bald head, how could he say something like that, easy he isnt really in love with her, just want’s to get to spot light and fame and fortune by standing next to Natalie as did the other guy she dumped, so I think she’ll dump this guy as well, since she plans to reitre form Hollywood and stardom in sometime around the next 5 to 10 years, and become a doctor like her father. Go for it Natalie Baby.

  • ummme says:

    oh snapsss, i loveee it! now thats different

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    for those of you who are laughing at her, that’s not funny, cause she’s a beatiful woman with or without hair, and if you do laugh at her, your not a fan of hers at all, but a moron like homer simpson.see you around mates.

  • nicole414 says:

    She looks beautiful as always. I think the mohawk looks cool. Natalie can wear any hair style and look beautiful.

  • Kaiyuan87 says:

    It is definately something different!

  • xevilx says:


  • judah_margolis says:

    She really does look a lot better with longer hair. At least shoulder length.

  • cai says:

    at first it looks a bit awful and shocking to me, but thats what it makes her look different everyday, doin different fashions… way to go nat

  • lifeisacereal says:

    Oh man. She just keeps getting better and better. She just knocked Angelina Jolie off the top spot on my “go gay” list.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    Alert, Alert from downunder, today is saint Natalie day, meaning it’s Natalie Portman’s name day, so every lets celebrate.

  • dark jedi says:

    I hope she will let her hair growing again…Natalie without her long hair seems a blasphemy! Yes, i will always like and love her!! but…

  • Raven says:

    Well…. how should I say this? Honestly, can’t really say that I love her new look – between this and her previous shaved head – I’d go for the latter. She looked so much better then; but if she wants to go for a totally different look now, what can be said about it. Just hope that her next one will not be as shocking as right now (for me, that is).

  • Rwix says:

    loool “Mohawk style” it’s pretty funny even if I prefer when she has a long hair.
    Yep brasaremean you are right we can see she’s brave… few women could make like her.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    she’s trying to prove that not only did demie moore look good without hair whe demie did G.I.JANE, and i would be suprise if they made a sequel to it and used natalie as the new G.I.JANE.

  • zegra says:

    cool!! but she look much better with long hair!! ROCK RULZ!!!

  • stfu says:

    she still looks stunning. it’s amazing that she looks beautiful no matter what she does. i think the shaved head, and now the mohawk just makes her more exotic. and really, she can wear it without looking strange.

    i kinda think that she’s doing this because she’s found out that this is a style that she likes, and that she is changing, just like everyone else does.

  • MoRawk says:


    Mohawk rocks so hard, specially when it on one of the most beautiful girls in this world =P… and its about the same widht that im going on ,, maybe she’ve become a Pantera fan and like to look like Phil Anselmo,, hmm not likely but still, its soo cool ..

    peace out ?!

  • speedy5 says:

    I find it funny, with that hair she looks like a punk and i think she’s really not a punk…;)
    i liked her more when she had long hair, i think she’s more pretty when she has got long hair but she said she was going to surprise us so we have to wait until she has her final haircut but i think it’s going to last long because v for vendetta has been delayed until may so…

  • mary helen says:

    Cute mowhawk-I’d cut my hair like that if my mom would let me!

  • macdaddy says:

    Yeah Nat looks good with anything . .even without a head.I think she wants to pack more attitude! GO NAT!

  • ella` says:

    well she did it again!! i really don’t like her choise…but hopefuly her hair will grow!! soon i hope!!

  • MoRawk says:

    Come on, speedy5:

    why is it that how you look and wear should say anything about what music you listen to, i listen mostly on death/thrash/speed Metal (Dimmu, Arch, Pantera a.s.o) and i dont wear black clothes and what not.. for god sake you should be able to wear and look like you want without it being a stand of who you are or what music you like, clothes are clothes, some like baggy, some like dark, some like prada.. ey whatever, if you were swedish i could make my point a bit better…
    Natalie however probably dont do the Mohawk cause she had an impulse “i want to go mohawk”, if she hadnt have the part in V she probably wouldnt shave it of in the first place, but im for one is glad she did, cause it proves balls, and the fact that shes beautiful in any “look” she choose’s… thats the beauty of Natalie Portman


    Peace out

  • jawa1977 says:

    i knew it its intresting yep i wonder what other actresses will say

  • Bloody Fork says:

    I’m loving the mohawk, even if it is for wigs and whatnot. It kicks ass, for a while. Here’s to hoping she doesn’t start getting like a foot and a half tall one spiked up with glue.

  • XxCaligirlxX says:

    Natalie is naturaly beautiful. She’s so brave and not afraid to try new things. I admire her sooooo much for that…but I just don’t think the mohawk brings out her beauty…but she still looks great. I also think long hair is better on her.