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Not much news today but these two tidbits are from JC.

The best ad for iPod Nano they could possibly get.

On a visit to the Apple Store, I approached some “teenagers” (young people who enjoy techno music) and asked them whether the iPod Nano had warped their fragile minds. My conclusions were startling. All of the youngsters I spoke to thought the positively skeletal Nano was more attractive than rival players, while one gawky young upstart claimed the Nano was “hotter than Natalie Portman covered in hot grits”.

Recently the lollipop parade have been kissing Nat’s ass. Hillary Duff complimented her a couple weeks back and if memory serves, Lohan did the same not too long ago. Well now Amanda “Legs” Bynes is also jumping on the wagon.

“What I Like About You” star Amanda Bynes says she can’t relate to a lot of stars her age that hop from one Hollywood party to the next. She tells CosmoGIRL! that she feels most akin to actresses who keep it low-key. “I love Natalie Portman. She seems like she still has values,”

The new Blender pic seems to have divided people into “love it” and “hate it” camps so I thought it would be a good idea to setup a poll. Clicky clicky.

And here are the results of the Vogue poll.

Which of the 3 new pics is your favourite?

Elegant 35.03% (262 votes)

Sexy 31.68% (237 votes)

I can’t choose, they’re all great 14.97% (112 votes)

The cover 12.97% (97 votes)

I don’t really like any of them 4.68% (35 votes)

Have a great weekend.