Wolf Parade


Just a few things today.

Melody has added a gallery for the Goya set pics.

And we also have a few HI(gher) RES pics from Jericho.

Super Cute

Shelly found a Nat quote about designer Lanvin in this article.

“The coolest thing about Alber was that he wasn’t pushing anything,” says Natalie Portman, who wore a gorgeous pleated silk Lanvin creation to the Academy Awards last year. “I first went to him for a dress for the Golden Globes, which is a month earlier than the Oscars,” she recalled recently, on the phone from Madrid. “We’re both from Israel, and we were speaking in Hebrew. Most designers would have come up with a dress for me immediately, but he said he needed to think about it. And then weeks later, he sent me the Oscar dress. The dress was sexy in the way that a confident woman is sexy – it was understated, but still alluring.”

Nat is up for an Irish Film and Television Award. You can vote for Nat in the People’s Choice for Best International Actress. Thanks to JC

And finally, a reminder to vote for the Pic Battle if you haven’t already. The next 8 pics will go up later this week.