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I’m on the run from the law so this update is gonna be quick.

I’ve been waiting for this for awhile now. Pasha managed to find great scans of the Vogue shoot. They’re the same that we’ve all seen but the quality is a lot better. Now how about some wallpapers?


Sonoyta found a little writeup from the set of Goya’s Ghosts.

They are the big stars, so their treatment is different. Natalie Portman, the actress who plays Goya’s muse accused of heresy, has had very different conditions compared to the extras who had intervened in the shooting. The american star comes by car to the exact spot and at the precise moment to get into action. She’s accompanied by a group of hair and makeup artists and an assistant who carries her shoes between scene and scene, because she is shooting shoeless. She’s also been horrified by the horses, a fact that has forced her to repeat several shots because of the proximity with the equines. Little luxuries for the recognized actress.

Seems a bit strange, considering she used to ride horses.

Jessica found this little article detailing celebrity encyclopedia’s top searches for September. Guess who made the top 25? Judy Dench? No. Oprah Winfrey? No. Come on guys, try harder. Kirstie Alley? Bah, you guys are hopeless. Nat made #24…and she’s right on top of Brad Pitt…if you knew what I know about the next comic strip, you’d laugh.

Claire has this little report, which may interest UK fans.

Nat is on page 194 of UK InStyle: ‘Natalie Portman blends girlish and grown-up – she’s grounded yet not afraid to take risks. “I want to become a person who seeks out new experiences and knowledge,” the 24-year-old has said, and she’s succeeded on screen and off. Whether graduating from Harvard or shedding her good-girl image with a gritty performance in Closer, Portman has navigated the waters with grace and poise.’

Sorry but I don’t have a scanner, so I can’t scan it for you. The piece uses a photo from a year or two a go, it’s somewhere on your site I just can’t remember where. I think it’s from a magazine photo shoot.

Next up, a couple finds from JC.

– A Nat spotting, prior to her leaving for Madrid.

Herself a work of art, cinematic beauty Natalie Portman, currently sporting a daring new mohawk hairdo, strolled through the exhibits on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the permanent home to masterpieces which span the ages, before jetting off to Madrid to begin production on the Milos Forman drama “Goya’s Ghosts,” in which the actress plays one of the legendary Spanish artist’s inspirations.

– And a little tidbit in this Bright Eyes article. It’s small but hey, I kinda like Bright Eyes and I looove John Cameron Mitchell.

And finally, the sole piece of fanart for today is from Sak and it’s a Leon wallpaper.

I think that’s about it. Night.