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Just wanted to let you know that the pic battle has been updated. This batch is the last matchups of the first round. And that very last matchup is a real doozy, dontcha think?

Also thought I would finish up Fanatik’s wallpapers and Shassy’s calendar.



Hope your weekends have been as wonderfully strange as mine.


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  • MoRawk says:


    man the fifth one is beautiful !! great work,, im working on a torrent with all the nat pics i can find, edited to perfection (minus text, fixed canvas on bad scans, fixed bad pixels from bad scanners and so on,,)

    Peace Out

  • Barry says:

    Great Pic battle! The Vogue 2002 Awards has always been my favourite Nat public appearence so it’s great to see that in there!!

    I like the fan art! It looks really good. I finally made some new wallpapers, they are a wintery theme.. Hopefully those will be posted sometime this coming week! 😀

    Anyway, Great Pic Battle and Fan art.. Good update!

  • buzzkiller says:

    Yeah the last round was tough – they almost had the same ‘look’ too. And on the second set, I had never seen the right-side pic with her hair down! Wow! Natalie has a classiness in most of her photos, but that one is just plain sexy.

  • stephwutever says:

    sry if this has already been posted
    but zach talks about a natalie portman / sam from garden state doll on his video blog.

  • nixonmustang says:

    What are the odds of seeing Natty in Vegas this time? Zzzz!

    Will Natalie be with Dave again for their Thanksgiving show?

  • nixonmustang says:

    Oh!, yes, yes, of course, that means everyone have a nice Thanksgiving (U.S. style – Beverly Hillbillies, that being their best show). No computers while on trips (it’s too taxing).

    Thank God, for America, the defender of Jews.

  • Barry says:

    No I doubt that Nat will be on Letterman for this thanksgiving as she is currently busy filming Goya’s Ghosts in Spain!

  • PadmefreakSWrox says:

    No computers on trips?!?!?! How could you say that? *lol* Yeah we rock at defending the Jews its so cool that we do that and I have a shirt that has the American flag and the Israel flag on it and it says “Uniited Forever”. We need to get more americans defending Israel then fighting and killing Jews because some Americans do. ~Its sad~ 🙁

  • Galaxie_Star says:

    Hi, first post, long time fan. Nice wallpaper plus the pic battle is awsome.

  • Juiceharpboy says:

    Good song choice.

  • Thea says:

    I really don’t like this watermarked pictures in this updated pic battle.

  • PadmefreakSWrox says:

    “Galaxie_Star 2005-11-13 23:33:43
    Hi, first post, long time fan. Nice wallpaper plus the pic battle is awsome.

    Juiceharpboy 2005-11-14 00:46:59
    Good song choice. ”

    Huh? Whats that mean?

  • evfex says:

    Fanatik’s sixth – purple – veeeiry nice!!

  • Rwix says:

    great pic batlle like always ! good job Dazza

  • PadmefreakSWrox says:

    Those are sw33t pictures of her! I love them. You did very well putting those pictures on here dazza! 🙂