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Natalie attended a Terrorism and Counterterrorism class at Columbia University yesterday. She took questions for 20 minutes. Imagine you skipped class that day? Sheesh.

Here is Just Jared’s report (with some pics) and here is Hello Magazine’s report. Thanks Lisa.

And someone who was there, Ajit, sent in his report.

I’m a graduate student in political science in Columbia University in New York, and a huge fan of Natalie.

Near the end of my Terrorism & Counterterrorism class this afternoon,
the professor stopped what was going on, opened the door and let some
camera crew into the room. He said he had a surprise for us. Some of
us had gone for an free advanced screening of “V for Vendetta” in the
Warner Bros building in midtown over the weekend (another great movie
with Natalie), and he said in line with that, he had a special guest
to answer some of our questions. In walks the goddess herself –
Natalie Portman, into my classroom! She was wearing blue jeans and a
purple top, and I’ve heard she’s small, but in person she really
seemed tiny. But she was fragile and exquisite, completely radiant.
Apparently, there was some special hook up with MTV U, who were
filming for a show (I didn’t get to find out when it will be
screened). I guess she was just promoting the movie. Natalie answered
questions for about 15 minutes, not just about the movie, but about
terrorism in general, and gracing us with her wit and intelligence as
she quoted Winston Churchill and made references to some rulings in
Israeli courts. Needless to say, the girl is beauty, brains and more.

At the end, as she was leaving, I shook her hand and told her that I
enjoyed the movie, and she indulged me in some conversation for less
than 10 seconds before she bounced out to another room. This was a
great day for a fan like myself.

Northernboy sent in a nice pic of Nat from the SNL afterparty.

Joe captured and sent in a new V ad. As always, keep away if you want to remain as unspoiled as possible.

And finally, here’s a proper new poll. And in case you were wondering…

327 of you would. 288 of you would not.



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  • dazza says:

    A lot of people have asked for the rap lyrics. So this is Sanjiro’s take on them…

    Chris Parnell: We?re sitting here today with film star Natalie Portman.

    Natalie Portman: Hello.

    CP: So Natalie, what is a day in the life of Natalie Portman like?

    NP: Do you really wanna know?

    CP: Please, tell us.

    [cut to rap video]

    NP: I don?t sleep mothafucka off that yak and the bourbon! Doin? 120, gettin? head while I?m swervin!
    Seth Meyers: Damn Natalie! You a crazy chick.
    NP: Yo, shut the fuck up and SUCK MY DICK!!!
    I?m bustin? dudes mouths like Gushers mothafucka!
    Roll up on NBC and smack the shit out Jeff Zucker!!!
    Guys Yelling: What you want Natalie?
    NP: To drink and fight!
    Guys: What you need Natalie?
    NP: To fuck all night!!!

    Don?t test me when I?m crazy on that airplane glue!
    Put my foot down your throat till your shittin my shoe!!!
    Leave you screamin!
    Pay for my dry cleanin!
    Fuck your man, it?s my name that he?s screamin!!!

    [cut back to interview]

    CP: I?m sorry Natalie. Are we to believe you condone driving while intoxicated?

    NP: I never said I was a role model.

    CP: But, what about the kids that look up to you? Do you have a message for them?

    [cut back to video]

    NP: All the kids lookin? up to me can suck my dick!
    It?s Portman mothafucka! Drink till I?m sick!!!
    Slit your throat! And pump nitrous down the hole! Watch you laugh and cry!
    While I laugh you die!!!

    And all the dudes! You know I?m talking to you!
    Guys: We love you Natalie!
    NP: I wanna fuck you too!!!
    Guys: P!
    NP: Is for Portman!!!
    Guys: P!
    NP: Is for pussy!!! I?ll kill your fuckin? dog for fun, so don?t push me!!!

    [cut back to interview]

    CP: Wow? Natalie? I?m surprised. All this from a Harvard graduate?
    NP: Well? there?s a lot you may not know about me.
    CP: Really? Such as??

    [cut back to video]

    NP: When I was in Harvard,
    I smoked weed everyday.
    I cheated every test,
    and snorted all the yay
    I gotta def posse,
    you gotta bunch of dudes?

    Andy Samberg (Viking): Natalie? you are a bad ass bitch.
    NP: Hell yeah!
    AS: And I always pay for your dry cleanin?? when my shit gets in your shoe.
    NP: What!
    AS: As for the drug use? well I can vouch for that. My dick is scared of you. Hooooo!

    [cut back to interview]

    CP: Okey-doke? Natalie, one final question. If you could steal a smooch from any guy in Hollywood, who would it ?
    *Nat hits CP with her chair*
    NP: No more questions.

    [cut to random clips of Nat and crew dancing/standing]

    [cut to quick shot of Nat]

    NP: WHAAAT!?!?!

  • preterNATural says:

    Homer: “Mmmmmmm….Def Posse….”

    If you listen closely, it sounds more like “derbin” rather than “bourbon”. The former doesn’t really make sense to me, but “yak” doesn’t either… Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  • clone says:

    I like those pictures of natalie as a eporter and as a teacher.

    it proves that she’s planing to become one of these two in the future, cause once you do physics at universety, you can become anthing you want, and she has the right things for the job.

  • sanjiro says:

    after thinking about it i think she might be saying “jack”. jack bourbon. it doesn’t really sound like that. but it makes the most sense. but i don’t know.

    in short. i have no clue what she’s saying there. i listened to it about nine thousand times.

    yak and that gerbin.

  • rafa says:

    good that the SNL thing was perfect for natalie, she is funny
    I didn’t know that.

  • Sak says:

    Ok. After Ajit’s report added on top of Soulplex’s report (thanks guys) i got seriously jealous.

  • cobra kai says:

    thanks a lot for the lirycs dazza (and sanjiro too)! you’ll always be in my prayers!