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As I mentioned before, there were so many fantastic entries for the banner contest. Over 30, of which 20 I would have happily had on the site. It took an hour but I eventually trimmed that 20 down to 10 entries that you can vote on.

Some entries are classic NP.com banners. Others are a bit more inventive. And 2 of them are, to me, absolute perfection.

Here we go.

Banner 1 – Amy
Banner 2 – Brishen
Banner 3 – Celina
Banner 4 – Jason
Banner 5 – Jenny
Banner 6 – Kate
Banner 7 – Loleia
Banner 8 – Sydney
Banner 9 – Thomas
Banner 10 – Tito

Those are the entries. Look at them carefully and then pick your favourite.


For some reason the poll script is only giving me 9 choice fields when I pick 10. The poll will go up as soon as Kris can fix it. Use the extra time to make sure what your favourite is.

Also thought I would show you The Only’s entry, which just missed out on making the final cut 😉

Finally, here are the results of the SNL rap poll.

What did you think of the Rap?

Hilarious. I like her even more now. 75.98% (740 votes)

Funny but not good for her reputation. 8.52% (83 votes)

I haven’t seen it yet. 8.32% (81 votes)

Juvenile crap. 6.37% (62 votes)

Enjoy the weekend!


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