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Nat is sure clocking up the air miles. Amidoll found a few small pics of Nat in West Village, yesterday.


Cute look.

And speaking of cute, Chloie sent in some lovely pics from the “V for Vendetta” Press Conference. February 25, 2006 – Mandarin Oriental Hotel
New York City.


There are 27 pics but Melody is away till monday, so if you can’t wait till then to see the rest, just change the number from 01.jpg to 27.jpg

Dee found a site where you can buy Nat merchandise inspired by the SNL rap.

And finally, while most of us loved the Nat rap not everyone felt the same. The Village Voice were not very impressed. Thanks Kathleen.

Still waiting on Kris so I can get that banner poll up. Hopefully it’ll be soon.


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  • minimaggit says:

    hmm… that guy actually seems to review the rap as it were a serious attempt to do some good music. weird.

  • JenR1215 says:

    Oh here’s the perfect quote for Village Voice :\


  • tito says:

    I loooove the short hair/thick eyeliner look on her.

  • nimbuschick says:

    Wow, the joke was supposed to be that its a stereotyped rap and a cute little 5’3″ brown-eyed white girl is screaming horrible things. I love how they complain in the voice article about how its bleeped. That’s the point. In this day and age swears are so overused that you have to bleep them to still get the sense of taboo. That’s why family guy is funnier on TV when Stewey swears then on DVD when it isn’t bleeped.

  • soonersseth says:

    Anyone know were to get a Stop Wars shirt like Nat’s

  • Sak says:

    That guy over at “Village Voice” took the whole thing too seriously. He even went down to analysing the music’s composition and arrangement! Someone has to tell him that SNL people and Nat obviously did a funny skit, not a real rap song.

  • sanjiro says:

    that was the lamest article ever.

  • Summerr says:

    Someone at another forum just posted these new shots of Natalie featured in Vanity Fair

  • _Anyathe says:

    GAH!! *Fwaps Village Voice* Why are people so STUPID!?!?!?

  • chandrasonic says:

    look here for the scans of the vanity fair pics :

  • Juiceharpboy says:

    V conference picks are cute.

  • Cailean says:

    Hello all! I’m new to the site, but my realization that Natalie is thee cat’s ass is as old as I am (and quite possibly older!). Anyhoo, I’ve been spurred into action by the sheer and utter ignorance of The Village Voice’s take on last week’s SNL Digital Short. For the sake of keeping this comment from turning into an essay, I’ll only tap a few of my many qualms with Tom Breihan’s BS.

    1) Has this dude ever listened to mainstream rap on mainstream media? I’m not a rap connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but on the occasion I do happen to hear it, it seems to me that fully one third of the words are bleeped, and those that aren’t often paint a warped and offensive picture.

    2)The Lonely Island, who are all now contributors to SNL, and do a majority of the work on Digital Shorts, have been doing songs of this ilk for at least 4 years. SNL is hardly wringing the last drops of success from “Lazy Sunday”. In fact, a media outlet such as The Village Voice, which caters to a largely indie-media-loving consumer core, should be shamed. is a very successful independent endeavor, and I am sure that said consumers would have enjoyed the commentary regarding it, had those responsible done some leg work, and produced a half-respectable article.

    3) What journalist doesn’t recognize satire when it sits on his or her respective face? Oh, right. Answer: those entirely too pretentious to be concerned by artists who aren’t sleeping on his or her respective doorsteps in cardboard boxes. Says Breihan; “…even the people who hadn’t watched the show when it was on (which nobody I know had done) could read about it and see it the next morning.” Hey, look at me guys! Watch me turn up my nose!

    4) Natalie is in it! How dare he criticize her talent!

    P.S. ~ I’m a confessed indie jerk, but even I am perturbed by this level of arrogance and dismissive habit.
    P.P.S. ~ I respect all forms of legitimate and thoughtful art.
    P.P.P.S. ~ sorry I went on for so long.