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Another quick update tonight. First a report from Iker on the Spanish coverage of the Goya premiere last night. Unfortunately Nat wasn’t there and the Spanish aren’t exactly doing cartwheels over it.

Since Milos Forman presented the press conference of “Goya’s Ghosts” yesterday in Madrid, about a thousand Spanish newspapers must be offering the news today.

“El Correo” published today a couple of interviews with Milos Forman and Javier Bardem about the film. This newspaper also reports that neither Natalie nor Bardem attended the premiere. According to Forman, “Natalie’s publicist has forbidden her to come to Spain.” Apparently, that’s all he knows about this matter.

Further reports say that the press didn’t like the movie. Forman has always been very concerned about the possibility of disappointing the Spanish audience, since “Goya’s Ghosts” doesn’t show a very bright point of view about Eighteenth-Century Spain.

Forman thinks that his film talks about “the conflict between pragmatism and fanaticism.” “Around the end of the XVIII Century, one out of every five Spaniards lived from the Church’s charity” Forman says, “so when the Church stopped feeding them, the famine came and caused a reaction against the French saviors”.

Forman understands the character of Goya as an observer that depicted the objective reality of an era in his paintings. “Goya probably wouldn’t have survived in the XXI Century;” he says, “nowadays it’s really hard to be an observer without being punished for not being in one side or another.” “Goya didn’t annoy the powerful too much.” “It is known that he was summoned by the Inquisition, and he should have told them something to get free of their wrath.”

“Goya’s Ghosts” will be released next Thursday in Madrid and next Friday in the rest of Spain with a total of 375 copies.

Forbidden to come? Unless she can’t get away from filming Boleyn, I really can’t see what the problem could be.

To break the funk, here is a Goya featurette, which includes some interview footage of Natalie. Thanks to Celiana.



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  • Mac81 says:

    Oh, I can see a lot of disappointed fans…

  • fanatical610 says:

    Natalie had better get herself to at least one of these premieres. It doesn’t look good if she doesn’t turn up to present the film especially when it’s not being well received. How can her publicist forbid her from going to Spain? Since when do publcists have so much power? I thought their job is to give advice to clients about what to say in public and to give responses on behalf of clients. Unless (like Dazza says) there are scheduling conflicts or the movie is so horrible that she will be hunted and killed, what could the problem be?

  • veggiegal says:

    I just don’t understand what is going on. Javier Bardem couldn’t go the premiere because he is filming Love in the Time of Cholera in Colombia. That is pretty far from Spain. And I know that neither he nor Natalie attended yesterday’s press conference. But how does anyone know if she attended the premiere in Madrid and the film is probably still playing as I write this. And why would her publicist forbid her from attending the premiere? From what I’ve seen the films looks good. Something strange is going on here.

  • knowme says:

    “Forbidden”? I don’t get it, she is already right there in Europe. It seems very convenient. And obviously the Boleyn shooting schedule has not prevent her from doing all sorts of other things. She has been attending so many functions recently as we have seen, the Oxford Union, Jay-Kay, other movie premieres, etc. She even went to Paris for a fashion show the other day. Why does she not attend her OWN movie premiere?

  • fanatical610 says:

    I can see her not attending if boleyn filming got in the way but then why not just say that? The strange part is her being forbidden to go to Spain; this just leads me to believe that there must be a better more severe reason and why couldn’t she telephone Milos Foreman (Javier did) and give him a reason and then maybe ask him not to disclose it?. Oh so many questions…

  • veggiegal says:

    Both Stellan Skarsgard and Randy Quaid were at the press conference yesterday. I’ve seen many different trailers and featurettes and I find it hard to believe that Goya is a bad film. I don’t understand why the Spanish press doesn’t like it.
    I guess we will have to wait and see about getting more info but the whole thing with Natalie being forbiddent to go to Spain by her publicist sounds very strange to me.

  • Garcy says:

    Why is this such a big deal? Natalie seems to place importance on her current projects. Remember when she didn’t go to Sundance to promote “Garden State” because she was filming “Closer”? And all the Oscar campaigning events (the Oscar luncheon!) because she was filming “Free Zone”. And later on didn’t even stay for the Cannes premiere for “Free Zone” to go back on filming for “V for Vendetta”….?

    Many instances…

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