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Melody has been quite busy lately but she’s just had time to add the new galleries.

Vanity Fair
China Club

Another site update is the news archive. Just remember that if a month you want hasn’t been added yet, you can always just manually change the url to go to whatever month you want.

And finally, here is a People style feature about Natalie’s cape. Thanks to Angela.

I don’t think we’ve had much in the way of fanart since Valentines day. *nudge nudge*



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  • henrik says:

    looks like you put up the imdb pics here. isn’t that serious, because wireimage is so strict about their stuff?
    (all the stuff on imdb is from wireimage i think…)

  • henrik says:

    okeydokey… 😛
    and you are right, the current fanart is REALLY nice.

    besides, does anyone agree that nin and deftones became sort of lame? those new songs on their myspace page are strange. don’t know what to listen to anymore. 😉

  • Sak says:

    “Pff” Well said

  • clone says:

    its good that you put those images in the image page, plus look at all the men she stood close to, that means all male actors are only freinds to her, no relationships.

    did anyone read the article on natalie on the UK empire sight?

    Ezeydvd are also going to sell V for Vedetta again in a new DVD pack.

  • MoRawk says:

    welcome back Dazz man ! =P ..

    BTW whos “Matilda” Coming?? came to mind cause “Leon” is on tv here in sweden, channel 3 =)..


  • sanjiro says:

    one time i wore a cape and everyone said “Fuck you.” natalie wears a cape and get’s an article in people magazine. what a world what a world.

  • plop says:

    There are news and galleries. I love it. Thanks. And Sajiro is really funny.

  • Zev says:

    I wore a beanie with a propeller on it once… good times, good times.

  • unity1 says:

    Clone. Face it. Nattie and Gael are going to get married and make lots of little Hershlag-Bernals. By the way, your English is quite odd considering you’ve said that you’re an Aussie.

  • Amo says:

    Sanjiro – i feel your pain. They tried to get us to wear capes as part of the uniform at my old school. They were so revolting a friend up mine just gave up and actually threw hers in the bin. But noooooooooo: Nat gets all the *nice* capes.

  • JorgeRibeiro says:

    Thank you so much for the archived news. I only started visiting the site in late October and I couldnt find the news from July, August and September until now 🙂

    By the way, isnt it more of a poncho than a cape?

  • groove says:

    yeah right,and even they will be faithful…for some time.especially Gael. they will be happy family as tome cruise and nicole or brad pitt and jeniffer. temporary situation,if it is true of course.

  • thierrry123 says:

    does anybody know something more on “domino one”

  • AProfessional says:

    I was disappointed with Natalies look in the Oscars. I love her, but I dont love her clothing style… most of the time, anyways. The good thing is that she looks good in ANYTHING.

    Something tells me that Natalie will be settling down with Gael… Maybe not soon… but itll be with him, I think. Shes getting so mature and doing so many adultish things… It feels as if we are seeing her grow up or something. Hehe…
    Question. It must be pretty cool running a site for her now, since shes young and single, which makes the news more versatile and exiting. But… when Natalie gets married, will you still run And if you do, will there be any changes in the way you do?

  • fanatical610 says:

    I really hope all of Natalie’s films are good this year, they don’t have to be oscar nominated or anything but enjoyable and well-made. She’s picked interesting films, kept her head down and worked. Hopefully there’ll be a good result both for her and us fans. I’m dying to see a Nat film, it’s been sooo long. Can’t wait to see what photoshoots Nat and Scarlett will do for The Other Boleyn Girl promotion. In fact all the films are so interesting that the promo for each should be exciting.

  • plop says:

    Sanji, just a sugestion. Why don’t you try again the cape, but this time adding one of those Padmé mask that came in a blue box with the laser gun and so? (with out the Padmé’s props, off course)

  • clone says:

    unity1, get over it,we’ve only seen them a few times together as she’s done with other male freinds of hers. there hasnt even been any photo proof of them kissing. she’s single,trust me.

    anyway I like that cape she wore, it makes her look like a mother. I wonder if she’s thinking of adopting a child.

    I think we could make some fan art of natalie saving the enviroment. maybe even a banner.easters coming, so quick dazza, make some easter natalie banners.