Natalie as Lois Lane?

Hey all

Superman V has reported today that Natalie might be cast as Lois Lane in the new (but seemingly troubled) Superman film. Here’s the scoop…

Word reaches us that WB have more than just casting Superman on their minds. Rumour has it that one of the actresses they are looking at for Lois Lane is none other than Natalie Portman.

Portman has just finished shooting Episode III in Sydney and could find herself back there as soon as next year should the WB greenlight McG’s movie. Would this be a good move for her though? Would she really want to do another high-profile blockbuster role on the back of Star Wars?

We asked her agent about this. Have WB been in talks with her about the part? They didn’t deny it: “Nothing’s conclusive”… What the heck does that mean!? Has she been in talks and nothing is signed and sealed!? Or are they refusing to deny it since they don’t want to totally rule out the possibility of her going up for the role?

Obviously whoever plays Superman will have a lot to do with who they choose for Lois. With 20 year old Henry Cavill (who we revealed a month ago) now front runner for the Man Of Steel the WB will be looking for an actress of a similar age for his fellow co-worker/damsel in distress Miss Lane. Portman, 22, fits the bill and as we are told is one of a group of young actresses currently being considered.