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Just a few odds and ends today.

Thierry found a small plot synopsis of My Blueberry Nights on this dutch site. Here is a translation:

A young woman makes a journey trough America in search of the true meaning of love.
On her journey she meets all kinds of people who bring her closer to her aim, like a baker who falls in love with her when she eats a pastry and two lesbian young ladies who show her the other side of her sexuality.

Speaking of Blueberry, there is a report that Natalie was seen getting cozy with Jude at the films wrap party. This isn’t the first time they were linked, there was a similar rumour when they were shooting Closer. We even did a comic about it. Thanks to Jenski for the find.

Those who have been here for awhile might recall a time when Natalie was being linked with a Mira Nair film. Well the collaboration never happened but here is Mira’s take on why.

I know there were a few Western actresses that expressed some interest in her part. I’d heard Natalie Portman was involved at some point.

MN: Yes. I met with Natalie, and we are both fans of each other, but she didn?t?I guess she wanted the part to be more than it seemed to be. And, I also thought that she was?it?s weird, I almost thought that she looked more Indian. I really wanted a blonde. I really wanted someone?it?s in the book like that, this kind of fascination with each other. Gogol has a fascination with Maxine, and Maxine has a fascination with the brownness of Gogol. And, Natalie is more like us, in my strange way of looking at the world, you know? But, yeah, I thought of Natalie, and I thought of Scarlett Johansson as well.

Thanks to JK.

And finally, here is a new wallpaper from Jean.

Cheers for now