May wallpaper battle

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A bit late but here is the May wallpaper battle. Short a couple wallpapers compared to previous months but at least I didn’t have to leave any submissions out this time.


Here are the results of the previous poll:

Which is preferable?

A disappointing movie with a great Nat performance. 82.16% (442 votes)

A great movie with a disappointing Nat performance. 17.47% (94 votes)

I’ll be back with more later.


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  • JenR1215 says:

    Goodness for a topic that took awhile to get wallpapers sent in, that is sure a lovely bunch.

    They’re all wonderful! There’s not way to judge them negatively.

    Isaacs catches my eye. its unique, and i love the colors.

  • plop says:

    So the China’s rumours were true¡¡¡. As i love dumb ass “theories”, may be she is there to participate in the next mithological high budget chinese movie. Or, after deciding to film gorillas, she spects to film pandas…
    (I have been to critical lately. Sorry)

  • tito says:

    Most of the Blueberry Nights ones were awesome, but I voted for Richard ’cause his was the only FINCA one. I made a couple FINCA wallpapers and they turned out just awful…

  • Bloody Fork says:

    Why does everyone put text on the wallpapers!? I don’t understand it, am I the only one who wants a text free background?

  • balla_ama says:

    ya i think the finca photos are better than any blueberry nights ones we’ve see so far.

    just in my honest BOLD opinion