Right then, so let’s get cracking before something goes horribly wrong.

Fanatical (who I’ve added to the bottom of the staff page) found those Empire articles on Scarlett fan.


Next up are some gallery updates from Pasha.

ABH Premiere
Jewish National Fund
Celebrity Carnival – the “hands up” pic is so cute
SW EP 2 – there are new pics on all 3 pages

K sent in a very good translation of the Japanese text that came with the image from Thursdays update:

“As the stunned staff looks on… The person in the corner of the photograph is none other than Natalie Portman of “Star Wars Trilogy”, “Closer” and “Leon” (The Professional) where she was first thrust into the limelight. This shot was taken in the West Village, at the Japanese restaurant “EN” where she was spotted happily dining with her family”

Finally, Sak’s staff interview is now online so click here to find out more about our newest helper.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with a new poll and some more new pics.