hello and goodbye

I’ve got some bad news today but let’s enjoy these lovely new images first. Taken at Berlinale, drinking tea has never looked so sexy. Thanks to Mirik.

Right, so lets talk bad news. The Hasidic actor, that we saw Natalie with on the first day of shooting, has had to leave the film. His religion is incredibly strict and his community was putting incredible pressure on him and his family. I have been asked to remove his image from the site and even though I think its a bit late in the day for that to have any affect, I’m going to follow those wishes.

So we’ve removed all the images that he was in for now. We’ll put them back up soon but with his face obscured.

After all that effort, you can click here to read about the situation and are greeted with a clear picture of his mug, which sorta defeats the point…but…