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By June 26, 2008Site-news

Finally some Natalie news for the week. Yesterday she was spotted leaving the CNN Studios in Hollywood. Not sure why she would be there but hopefully we’ll find out. Until then I’ll just assume she went there to steal Anderson Cooper’s stapler.

Click the picture, of Natalie almost literally surfing out the building with her pooch, to go to the full gallery.

A big thanks to Shoe89 and Celebrity Gossip.

People also have a little write up of Natalie attending a gig for her old friend Lukas Haas’ band. Thanks to V4V.

Natalie Portman, singing along to “Kemp,” while watching her friend Lukas Haas perform at Hollywood’s Hotel Café. After the show, Portman – who attended with indie rocker beau Devendra Banhart – congratulated the actor turned singer on his gig.


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  • Jenski says:

    That’s such a cute shirt. I wonder where she got it. And that bag. And her hair is super cute.

  • virgo says:

    That IS a very beautiful shirt…*cheerful* I have seen her wear it before…I remember…it was when she visited Israel…in the summer of 2006…and she had a beautiful smile…from ear to ear!!!

  • jesslv74 says:

    I was going to comment on how cute the shirt is as well!

    From a previous poll…please don’t get rid of Nat on TV. I’ve been wanting to see “Everyone Says I Love You” and it’s not available on Netflix. But is IS going to be on Showtime this weekend, which I might not have found out had I not saw that it was going to be on in the “Nat on TV” section! I guess I could have done a search on my DVR just to see if I was lucky, but this was a much quicker way of knowing for sure. Yay! Hehe.

  • clone says:

    She must be in LA for buisness.

  • fanatical610 says:

    You’re right Clone, frisky business

  • plop says:

    Different kinds of bussiness; from “personal” to, i guess… maybe an interview in CNN?

    In order to praise, i choose her hair ;D

  • clone says:

    No, i mean movie buisness.