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By August 23, 2008Nat-news

Devendra is playing at the Outside Lands Festival in a few hours. You can watch a webcam of the event over here. Professional Nat-spotters might fancy their chances of catching a glimpse.

UPDATE – Yup, she was there.

Devendra’s “special friend,” Natalie Portman, sat five feet behind me during his set. She likes chocolate-covered pretzels and “beer-soaked marshmallows,” apparently, and yes, her dog is pretty cute.


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  • treat says:

    i.e. she was high. combos like that are valhalla to a stoned individual (so i’ve heard..)

  • plop says:

    “Beer-soaked marshmallows”? If that means what I think it does… XD

  • omgzrachel says:

    Beer soaked marshmallows sounds like a stomachache waiting to happen.

  • clone says:

    where’s the proff that she was there. i dont see any pictures. also I didnt see her dog at the airport pictures, just dev and nat walking a certain distance from each other.