New batch of tidbits

You know the drill…

– Alex Geana, in covering New York Fashion Week, drops a little Natalie mention in this genuinely interesting paragraph:

When someone wonderful arrived (this was six years ago) Steven Spielberg, Natalie Portman, Marcia Gay Harden the gorgeous Ashton Kutcher, they never looked like their picture. Often wearing bad jeans and comfortable clothes. They didn’t look as though they were hiding either, they looking strangely normal. Not in the “Just Like Us” way either. When I looked them in the eyes, gave them a hotel key, it was eerily different. Many simply road weary. I saw the editorial nature of fashion reversed. I knew what doors needed to stay locked and what starlet had refused housekeeping. We gossiped about what the press would never discover.

– Natalie and a host of other celebrities have sought out the services of dog trainer Tamar Geller. I couldn’t have less to say about this.