A big thanks to Sanjiro for bringing the fun…crazy…crazy fun once again for us Natalie fans. I shall now ease you back to reality with some mini news items.

– First up, happy birthday to Benjamin. Sanjiro wished him yesterday but his birthday is actually today.

– Next up, actor Makran Khouri (Munich, with Natalie in Free Zone) talks a little about working with Natalie on A Tale Of Love And Darkness, and he’s not shy with the praise. Via google translate…

My experience with Natalie are wonderful. In this last film I play a small role, but I am very honored that I could share it with her. I can not even talk about it … but I can tell you that this is one very stylized film in which she will definitely leave a trace of directors. She is the kindest, most humble and the most sensitive director I had the luck to work.”

– Finally, here is the completed Portmania puzzle for those of you too lazy to work it out 😛