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A big thanks to Sanjiro for bringing the fun…crazy…crazy fun once again for us Natalie fans. I shall now ease you back to reality with some mini news items.

– First up, happy birthday to Benjamin. Sanjiro wished him yesterday but his birthday is actually today.

– Next up, actor Makran Khouri (Munich, with Natalie in Free Zone) talks a little about working with Natalie on A Tale Of Love And Darkness, and he’s not shy with the praise. Via google translate…

My experience with Natalie are wonderful. In this last film I play a small role, but I am very honored that I could share it with her. I can not even talk about it … but I can tell you that this is one very stylized film in which she will definitely leave a trace of directors. She is the kindest, most humble and the most sensitive director I had the luck to work.”

– Finally, here is the completed Portmania puzzle for those of you too lazy to work it out 😛


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  • Jason says:

    Actually, Alice wasn’t the name of Natalie’s character in Closer. She went by this name through out the whole movie but when she returns to the United States at the end of the movie we see her passport being checked. Her name is actually Jane! The name she kept giving Clive Owen’s character in the strip club. Her whole identity was a lie! What a brilliant ending! Such a good movie. And not just because we finally got a good look at Natalie’s beautiful body.