Entertainment Web Project

As we mentioned yesterday, Natalie will be taking part in the Tribeca Film Festival’s “Meet The Filmmaker” Q&A session. What’s most curious is that she’s there to talk about an “entertainment web project”.

I tried to get some kind of explanation but the doors are firmly bolted shut on this one. I asked if there might be some kind of announcement before the festival but it would seem we probably won’t get an explanation until the film festival…unless someone lets something slip that is.

So, what do you guys think this project actually is?

Right now I can only imagine some sort of system and site for amateur (or at least lesser known) filmmakers to get their films out there. Then again, what could that offer than youtube can’t?

I dunno, I’m at a loss. Take a guess in the comments section and if you’re right we’ll acknowledge your brilliance once the announcement is made.