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By June 21, 2009Opinions

I’ve been really enjoying the podcasts at Creative Screenwriting Magazine, where a film is screened to an audience and then there is a Q&A time with the writer of the film.

I noticed an old one for Mr Magorium and thought I’d check it out in case there were some nice Natalie stories. There aren’t. But, its still a very interesting interview with Zach Helm. Its a bit of a head scratcher to hear such a smart guy talk about a film he’s proud of, and know that it is so far from a great movie.

There is no doubt that he didn’t have the experience to take on the directors chair. He hadn’t even shot a short film prior to Magorium. Another possible problem was the money men pushing it to be a much bigger and more mainstream film than its small indie kids film origins.

Download it from here.


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