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Cap in hand time.

The Amazon purchases have been almost non existent this month, donations have been barely okay and traffic is down because its been a quiet news month.

So if you’re in a position to help, please please PLEASE do so.

Its been awhile since I’ve felt the urge to punt anything but this is a no brainer. Eastbound and Down season 1 is now out and if you want to hook into Danny Mcbride’s comedic stylings, before Your Highness hits, this show is a great place to start.

I wasn’t totally sold on the show at first but it just gets better and better, with episode 5 being one of the best half hours of comedy I’ve ever seen.

Of course, if you would rather get something else, using that link you can then navigate to any Amazon item and we’ll still get a referral percentage.

A more direct way of helping is via donation, with the added bonus that for every $5 you put in your name goes into the np.comic fan draw. Although, if you simply want to donate and want nothing to do with the comic, that’s perfectly fine as well.

Speaking of which, I’ve been in contact with the winner of the last draw – Martina. She’s also pretty hands off but had a idea for a topic that I’m trying to come up with something for.

Thanks to all of you that try and help. I know times are tough for everyone, but we really need a bit of support if we’re going to be able to keep doing what we do.


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  • clone says:

    I don’t feel like to, now that a legend has died, and this legend was a legend to all of us, even natalie, and his name was Micheal Jackson. May hevean and God be with him now.

  • Dazza says:

    Clone, you move me.