That Desperate Housewives Chick

By June 29, 2009Opinions

A few months ago I posted about a Desperate Housewives episode review, that mentioned a new girl on the show. This girl was said to have “an air of Natalie Portman”. The name of the actress was Maiara Walsh, which struck me as being familiar but I didn’t think much of it.

Till a few weeks later when I got an email from someone (whose email I can’t find, to credit them), who connected the dots for me. Maiara was in Nate’s film, Lullaby Before I Wake. Who is Nate? Nate is our first NP.COMic artist.

I then promptly forgot about it till now.

I kinda mocked the “air of Natalie” line, but now I understand it. I saw Lullaby, which is a really good first film, and while you would never confuse Maiara for Natalie…she did remind me of her. Perhaps its the mannerisms. Or the air 😛


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  • jesslv74 says:

    I don’t see it. Unless they mean the acting and the personality. She looks nothing like Nat and…there’s not even an Nat-ness in her eyes. She looks a lot more bubbly.