The winner of the last np.comic draw, Martina, was like our first winner Jason. She had a general idea for a suggestion, but wasn’t about to lay out a script to follow. I tried to come up with something to fit her suggestion but I couldn’t come up with anything that really interested me.

As desperation set in, I threw that plan out the door and came up with something a bit off the beaten path. Matt’s been working on it and hopefully it’ll be ready within the next few days.

As for the next fan comic draw, we have some more names to add to the hat. Matthias was kind enough to throw us $5, so his name goes in once, while Shaun really showed some love with a $50 donation. That means his name goes into the hat 10 times!

Word of his generosity is spreading like wildfire, and I’ve just been told than Shaun of the Dead is going to have its name officially changed to Shaun of the Awesome.

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Thanks guys. And gals.