Posters Hate Natalie

On the back of that great new Brothers poster, I was going to look through her full catalogue of posters (she has to appear on it) and come up with a top 5. I essentially wanted to know if the Brothers poster might actually be my favourite of all time.

In going through her past posters, I realized that a top 5 would be pointless because I could barely find 5 that I liked, let alone loved. It’s not something I had noticed till now, but Natalie has been on mostly bloody awful posters.

Anywhere But Here, Where The Heart Is, Star Wars, Goya’s Ghosts, Free Zone, Garden State, Closer (although the for your consideration ads are wonderful like this one), Mr Magorium, The Other Boleyn Girl…that is just an epic pile of boring and ugly work.

So here are 5, in no particular order, that just about get the thumbs up from me.

The colours are so vivid and somehow make me want to go find a lovely rich desert and a beautiful girl to share it with.

There are some cool Leon posters but only one, with Natalie on it, really rocks my world.

Simple and beautiful.

The more commercial and used V posters aren’t so great but the alternative marketing posters are mostly interesting. This one is my favourite of the bunch.

The stateside posters for Garden State are shockingly bad, but trust the french to come up with something interesting.

So there we have it, 5 posters that I like. The answer to my question? The Brothers poster is the best poster by an absolute mile. Tomorrow a new poll will go up to see if anyone agrees with that statement.