Devendra Album Details

I was checking out the tracklist for Devendra Banhart’s new album and found myself wondering if any of the songs would be about or inspired by his relationship with Natalie. It was apparently also on Stereogum’s mind:

If you recall, we’ve heard live versions of “Chin Chin & Muck Muck” and “Baby.” Maria Leonza gets a song, but not Natalie?

Here’s the full tracklist.

01 “Can’t Help”
02 “Angelika”
03 “Baby”
04 “Goin’ Back To The Place”
05 “First Song For B”
06 “Last Song For B”
07 “Chin Chin & Muck Muck”
08 “16th & Valencia”
09 “Rats”
10 “Maria Leonza”
11 “Brindo”
12 “Meet Me At The Lookout”
13 “Wiliamdzi”
14 “Foolin'”

I’m going to take a completely random and wild guess that track 5 and 6 are about Natalie. Why B? She made him watch The Other Boleyn Girl and thus the nickname was born.

Come up with your own BS convoluted guesses in the comments section 😛