Friday Box Office Numbers

By December 5, 2009Nat-news

The Hot Blog has the Friday estimates and Brothers is in 3rd place with a handy 3.7 million opening day. By the end of the weekend it should already be close to passing the FINAL box office numbers of recent Iraq war films like Hurt Locker, Rendition and In The Valley Of Elah.


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  • rockla says:

    i’m really happy for them all. they seemed really passionate about the project so i’m glad that it seems to be a relative success.

  • Nannina says:

    Rendition and In The Valley of Elah fine they both had wide releases, you can compare them to Brothers, but The Hurt Locker hasn’t had a wider release than 500 screens. It’s opening weekend (on 4 screens) per screen average was $36,338, that’s $100 more per screen than the Dark Knight’s (admittedly its also 4,000 screens less). It’s made 12 Million so far, and probably will be released again wide for the Oscar push. Yes most of the Iraq movies have been flops, but The Hurt Locker is not one of them.

    I haven’t seen Brothers yet, I am planning on it soon, but I do not expect it to be anywhere near as good as The Hurt Locker.

  • dazza says:

    Don’t intend to disparage Hurt Locker, as its one of my favs of the year, but while it didn’t have a wide release that’s because people just weren’t interested. Maybe it was the Iraq thing, the lack of stars, poor marketing…I dunno, but it didn’t catch on with audiences. With a film that delivers such great thrills and has so many supporters, it really should have done better than 12 million.

    Sad really.