Dazza’s Brothers Thoughts

I was able to finally watch Brothers today and I thought I’d share my opinion because, lets face it, it’s important. Not because my opinion matters more than any other, but because if I hate a Natalie film I’m going to be making snide comments about it forever more. If I love it then it’ll be quite the opposite – a mini love letter every time the film gets a mention on the site.

So, did Brothers fall into either of those camps for me?

Honestly? No.

I thought it was overall a good and solid film. There are some weak moments (the Afghanistan scenes, some musical moments etc.) but also sequences that are emotionally right on point and that sucked me into the story.

Going into the film I was worried that I knew too much about the story (I think I need to go on vacation for the couple months leading up to Black Swans release) and even though the film is light on plot, it did take something away from my enjoyment. What I lived for were the little surprises like Jakes immediate reaction to the bad news.

I thought the performances were all strong*. Jake surprised me quite a bit, but perhaps that’s because I expected the least from him. Tobey was fantastic in the quiet moments but is hampered with war scenes that really didn’t work for me.

As for Natalie, its a good role for her but like a lot of the movie, its a little inconsistent. However, the scenes that soar make it all worthwhile. There’s one scene in particular, which is one of Natalie’s very best.

Incidentally, it might also be one of her best ever cries. And lets face it, there have been a lot of those.

So, after one viewing, I’d give it a solid but unspectacular 7/10.

*Bailee would be the exception. I didn’t buy her at all. Taylor is a kid. Bailee feels like an adult trying to play a kid. It just feels put on and inauthentic.