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A couple weeks back I posted my tongue in cheek Mathilda comic, which was jam packed with every bad idea I could think of for a sequel to Leon: The Professional. While I remain dismissive of a sequel to Natalie’s first film, I also think that a good film COULD be made with the character. My main concern is that I suspect Besson would make it a “cool” rollercoaster ride of violence and action, like the final action set piece from the original minus any kind of emotional investment in the characters.

So a few years back I hatched a comic idea to tell my own follow-up to the film. It’s flawed but I’m quite proud of many aspects, even if I couldn’t ultimately finish it due to cost. If you haven’t seen it yet, click the thumb below to take a look at all 3 chapters.



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  • Adonis says:

    Dazza has done a very good job here. But somehow I imagine “Mathilda” differently. More action, like Angelina J in ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ for example ..

    • Dazza says:

      See, that’s exactly what I would hate for a sequel. There are basically 2 prolonged action scenes in Leon. One of them hides all the action because it’s more about setting up Leon’s abilities and putting us in the POV of the bad guys to show how good he is at his job. The second action scene is the climax and even though it has some shooting and a very cool action movie explosion, it still barely qualifies as an action scene by today’s standards.

      The Professional is not an action movie and I would hate to see Mathilda become one. There are probably a dozen shitty female led action movies every year, just pretend one of them is Mathilda.

  • Adonis says:

    I have often thought how Dazza thinks about a sequel to “Mathilda”. Maybe she’s right, and her skepticism is better than mine, really no problem. No matter what the history of the film, it will be a very big success for Natalie .. I hope the day of the big announcement will come ..

  • Joe Schmo says:

    All we need is Marvel to buy the rights to Dazza’s comic and get Darren Aronofsky to direct.

    See, this thing writes itself.

    Joe” I AM LEON” Schmo.