As always, I’ll start with a comic update. Matt is aiming for the new strip to be finished on Monday and then we’ll do the next fan comic draw. Names in the draw include – Denise, Erez, James and Tuomas. A HUGE thank you to those guys and girls. It really means a lot and helps us keep this ship sailing.

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On the DVD release front, oh my its a big one (a sentence, I’ve just realized, I’ve never heard in my life)…

Three of my favourite 2009 films are hitting on the same day.

Moon is directed by Davie Bowie’s son and its an amazingly tight little sci-fi film. The kind we don’t get anymore. In the Loop is the funniest film of the year. You’re either crying with laughter or crying about how close to the truth this film really is. Then there’s Hurt Locker, the most suspenseful action flick of ’09 and will possibly be cleaning up at the Oscars in a few weeks.

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Thanks all.