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A really great write up over at Mediaite details what went down at the panel discussion at the weekend.

Forty five minutes into the panel, at the beginning of the viewing of a clip from her new film Brothers, Portman quickly ran off the stage. Healy, without offering justification, then announced a delay in the panel. The audience sat awkwardly for a few minutes before Healy said that they’d show another clip. As soon as the lights dimmed, security came out and removed a gentleman from the first row of the audience. Only then did Portman return to the interview.

The potential creepiness of that interaction was amped up when discussion with his seat neighbors revealed that he had not taken picture or video, or any other New York Times no no. It seemed that Natalie Portman had ejected him for his presence. Rarely does panel going bring us in contact with the dark side of celebrity, but for one night we were reminded that not everyone is interested in witty banter and interesting give and take.

I wonder what he was doing. Maybe glancing down at his crotch at then winking at Natalie. That move doesn’t work for me either.


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  • rockla says:

    that’s a little ott in my opinion…

  • richowe says:

    Clone was removed?

  • spoonbat says:

    The fuck? Did she know him?

  • rkamidees says:

    Is Clone on vacation?

  • Ashmiester says:

    Hmm, wonder what happened there.

  • maverick88 says:

    Clone was the first person that came to my mind when I read someone was “escorted” out. Clone was probably in his Padme PJ’s holding several Padme action figures and a Padme script but seriously I really wonder what the person was doing if he wasn’t taking pictures or videos. Glad the situation was quickly taken care of.

  • dazza says:

    I would assume she did know him. It doesn’t sound like he was doing anything that would make him get tossed so he might be someone who has given her problems in the past.

    If that’s the case, not exactly smart for the dude to sit in the freaking first row.