The mini updates guild have requested that I use the term “small in stature” from now on. I’ll gladly be the bigger man and acquiesce to their request. Enjoy this new batch of small in stature updates.

– Rachel braves ONTD and buried amongst the turds was this nice mention.

I have a few friends at my school who were back up dancers for black swan, they just finished fllming at my school Friday. They had pretty much only nice things to say about her and Mila Kunis. idk I think she seems really sweet

– The Sardonic News takes on Natalie’s Froer article with some snarktastic results.

– Country singer, Laura Bell Bundy, has a little Natalie connection.

Then, I was in the musical Ruthless! The Musical, which became a cult show in the gay community. Britney Spears and Natalie Portman were my understudies.