We’re Old

10 years old to be exact. I tend to have a short attention span so its either very impressive that I’m still doing this or very pathetic. I’m leaning towards the latter but hey, I still find this gig a lot of fun.

Of course there are so many others that contribute to the np.com experience. So a big thanks to the soon to be dad, Kris. The Twilight superfan, Rachel. The cursing of the euro, Sak. The wanted dead or alive, Sanjiro. The where is my new comic, Matt.

And all of you guys the contribute on a regular basis. Spoonbat, Kitten, Garcy, Harper, Lodovico, Shoe89, Carlotto, Maribel etc etc.

This next year and a bit might very well be the most exciting since I’ve been a fan. There is so much to look forward to on the film front and its going to be a blast to cover all of it.

Thanks for sticking around.