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By December 4, 2010Nat-news

We’ve got another new Black Swan interview for you guys. This time its at least in a unique location and has a cool and vaguely sexual piece of art juxtaposed next to Natalie’s head. Hmmm.

In any case, check it out. There’s a bit of Your Highness talk, a brief mention of the comedy script that Natalie co-wrote and some sweet comments about her parents.


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  • celia says:

    Vaguely sexual? To whom? Stanley Kubrick? lol That piece looks sexual on sooo many levels and is it just or me…or is she out of focus with the real focal point being the piece?
    Anyway, I LOVE what she says about her parents. Some official clarification on the are they controlling blah blah blah rumors. Btw, Mila’s dad did walk out during the sex scene. I don’t think any of the rumours about Avner are true. He handled Closer and his co-worker breaking the um…beach bikini pics news to him. I think he just wants to see his daughter’s art. My parents were the same way with my acting and had to see me play out lots of creepy/sexual scenarios. They may not have been comfortable but it’s art.

  • dazza says:

    I just didn’t want people calling me a pervert, pervert.

  • celia says:

    …perv >)