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Here comes the second notch for the bedpost. Natalie has picked up Best Actress from the Boston Society Of Film Critics. They also gave Black Swan best Editing and runners up for Director and Cinematography.

Bring on the more influential NY and LA critics groups!

All the results can be found here.


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  • spoonbat says:

    Are the Golden Globes a more objective measure of performance? From what I’ve heard some say they often give certain films/directors/actors the award because they lost the year previous or other stupid reasons. Almost like a social club patting their friends on the back….

    Is the Golden Globes a more accurate award to say movie enthusiasts? And I don’t mean in a “People’s Choice Award.”

    Because it seems there’s a difference between the few thousand or w/e Academy Members and the film geek community as a whole.

    I haven’t seen Bening’s movie but is her performance really ‘better’ than Nat’s?

  • dazza says:

    No, the Globes is a big deal but a bit less prestigious than the Oscars. The Globes really love bending over backwards to get stars showing up, so there are often some really head scratching nominations in the mix.